George W. Flach

Code Q&A Columnist

George W. Flach was a regular contributing Code editor for Electrical Contractor magazine, serving for more than 40 years. His long-running column, Code Q&A, is one of the most widely read in the magazine's history. He is a former chief electrical inspector for New Orleans and held many other prestigious positions in the electrical industry, including IAEI board of directors and executive committee. He passed away in August 2009.

Articles by George W. Flach

October 2006
Article 210                Branch Circuits Article 240                Overcurrent Protection READ MORE
September 2006
Article 210                Branch Circuits Article 250                Grounding and Bonding Article 406                Receptacles, Cord Connectors and Attachment Plugs (Caps) Article 430                Motors, Motor Circuits and Controllers Article 702                Optional Standby Systems READ MORE
August 2006
Protection for Type MC cable Q:Why does the National Electrical Code (NEC) require physical protection for Type MC cable where installed less than 1.25 inches from the surface for runs that are parallel to metal framing members, but this clearance is not required where the cable is pulled through prepunched holes in metal framing members? READ MORE
July 2006
Switch height for paddle fan Q: Is there a minimum and maximum height for a wall switch that controls a paddle fan in a bedroom of a multifamily dwelling? A: There are no special rules for the height of a wall switch that controls a ceiling fan. However, there are requirements for the height and location of ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans around swimming pools, bathtub and shower areas. READ MORE
May 2006
Disconnecting means Q: Disconnecting means for circuits supplied by a generator are required where the circuits enter a building or structure. Are these disconnects from an outdoor generator required to meet the rules in Article 225? Is there a maximum number of disconnects permitted? READ MORE
April 2006
Cables in metal framing member Q: Sections 320.17 and 330.17 require that Types AC and MC cables be installed to comply with 300.4. Among other things, Part (B) of 300.4 requires the installation of listed bushings or grommets in all holes or slots in metal framing members through which the cables pass. READ MORE
March 2006
Electric service for grounding-electrode conductors Q: The electric utility in our area requires the installation of a ground rod and grounding-electrode conductor in the meter socket. Is it acceptable to ground the grounded-circuit conductor (neutral) in the service-disconnect enclosure? READ MORE
February 2006
AC and MC bushings Q: Sections 320.17 and 330.17 indicate that Types AC and MC cables must be installed in accordance with 300.4, which includes protection of the cables by listed bushings or listed grommets that cover all metal edges of metal studs. There is no requirement for this protection for flexible metal conduit in Article 348. Is this an oversight? READ MORE