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Frank Bisbee is with Communication Planning Corp., a telecom and datacom design/build firm. He provides a free monthly summary of industry news on

Articles by Frank Bisbee

December 2008
One of the most critical responsibilities for building owners and managers is life safety. Not only is the United States the most litigious society in the modern world, but skyrocketing insurance premiums add to the pressure for building owner and facility managers to keep their employees and their building occupants safe. Being prepared is the first, second and third rule. READ MORE
October 2008
US building codes have emphasized flame spread and smoke generation. On the surface, this seems to adequately address fire safety. However, in the European Union (EU), codes also address toxic gases that can kill and incapacitate building occupants before they can safely exit a burning structure. Today’s workplace is a canned environment. READ MORE
January 2008
The US economy is troubled, and manufacturers are facing even more of a downturn. “The enterprise network is undergoing a major shift in emphasis that impacts cabling,” said Jim Hayes, president of the Fiber Optic Association Inc., the international non-profit professional society for the fiber optic industry that develops educational programs and certifies fiber optic technicians. READ MORE
October 2007
An electrical contractor can be a mobile army of thousands of vehicles, and a threat to the safety of workers is growing. In an age defined by the convenience of cell phones and other technology, we’re beginning to see some communications and driving do not mix. READ MORE
How can the buyers be assured the cable they are buying will live up to the promised performance and required safety? READ MORE
Duct the return-air in a zone. You can bring big changes. Make mine non-plenum, please. READ MORE