Frank Bisbee

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Frank Bisbee is with Communication Planning Corp., a telecom and datacom design/build firm. He provides a free monthly summary of industry news on

Articles by Frank Bisbee

May 2011
Depending on whom you ask, the title of “electrical contractor” has different meanings. Generally, most people say an electrical contractor installs power distribution systems and lighting fixtures in a building. If we lived in the 1930s, you would be close to accurate. READ MORE
April 2011
Global demand sent copper surging almost 40 percent since the beginning of 2010. The March 2011 copper contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 9 cents to a record close of U.S. 63 cents per pound, taking the base metals sector up 1.4 percent. High demand for the metal used in construction and electrical appliances has sent copper surging almost 40 percent since the beginning of 2010. READ MORE
March 2011
How can the buyers be assured the cable they are buying will live up to the promised performance and required safety? READ MORE
February 2011
The other day, I overheard a contractor at a gas station. The clerk inquired if he was going to fill up the tank in his truck and the contractor replied, "Nope, I've only got a hundred bucks on me." Gas prices soared so quickly that many contractors ended up paying the extra cost to do jobs out of their own pockets. READ MORE
February 2011
Cabling is like the nervous system of the human body. A well-designed structured cabling system transports a wide array of information traffic serving many different functions. The information may range from control signals for the heating or cooling systems to the structure’s lighting systems. Security and life safety systems also use the cabling pathways. READ MORE
February 2011
The rewiring of America is the newest challenge to face the electrical contractor (EC). Over the past decade, new developments on the technological scene have made rewiring an imperative for power, lighting and communications. READ MORE
September 2009
The demand for security and active life safety systems is growing because there is an expectation of safety in public places, and the new technology is less expensive than doing the job with “feet on the street.” READ MORE
April 2009
Security and Life Safety Systerms are a necessity in the healthcare industry. The datacom and telephone infrastructure market is changing. For more than two decades, we have seen a shift in the healthcare industry from traditional telecommunications service providers to electrical contractors (ECs) for cabling and other services and systems. READ MORE
February 2009
On March 4, 1908, at the Lake View School in Collinwood, Ohio, 172 students and three adults died in the largest life-loss school fire in U.S. history. At the 13th annual National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) meeting in 1909, then-president C.M. Goddard addressed the event. READ MORE