Frank Bisbee

Freelance Writer

Frank Bisbee is with Communication Planning Corp., a telecom and datacom design/build firm. He provides a free monthly summary of industry news on

Articles by Frank Bisbee

April 2012
The integrated systems (low-voltage) electrical contractor provides installation and maintenance of optimized and integrated low-voltage building control systems and has now expandedservices to encompass a broader range, including commissioning and service of electronic security, fire-life safety, communications and other low-voltage systems. READ MORE
March 2012
Today, few cable manufacturers have developed marketing strategies to sell cabling systems that are terminated in active components. This challenge to expand the value of their products is imperative. Cabling and connectors are now part of the "nervous system" of intelligent buildings. They deliver power, lighting, control, communications, security, and life safety systems. READ MORE
February 2012
It might sound simple, but it isn’t. The project is a technical challenge, far more complicated than moving a commercial business. Why? There are life safety issues to consider as well as the business side of a medical practice. READ MORE
February 2012
Healthcare employers added 17,000 jobs in November 2011, and they’ve been adding an average of 27,000 jobs per month since December 2010, according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report. That’s the good news. READ MORE
January 2012
During the past few years, many corporations focused on downsizing their staff to control costs as the economy slowed to a snail’s pace. Now, a new problem may be racing toward our companies at an alarming rate. Staffing (retention and retraining) may be one of the biggest challenges the business world faces. READ MORE
December 2011
Today, you are one of 7 billion people on Earth. Global population is expected to reach 8 billion by 2025, according to the United Nations. It also has many wondering whether the Earth can support so many people. About half were added just in the past 40 years, and 3 billion more are expected by 2100. READ MORE
September 2011
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "If you see something, say something," as he called for the public's help to be on watch for terrorist. READ MORE
July 2011
From the Gulf Coast to the Eastern Seaboard coastline, experts remind us of the annual threats from the hurricanes. The headlines scream, “Prepare for the storm.” We scrutinized numerous checklists on important steps to protect your home, family, and business in the event of a natural disaster. READ MORE
June 2011
Duct the return-air in a zone. You can bring big changes. Make mine non-plenum, please. READ MORE