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Frank Bisbee is with Communication Planning Corp., a telecom and datacom design/build firm. He provides a free monthly summary of industry news on

Articles by Frank Bisbee

August 2015
James Carlini has seen some success with his first book, "Location Location Connectivity." In addition to sales, he has gotten something more important: Added credibility from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who referred to his definition of infrastructure and economic growth, the Platform for Commerce, in their handbook, "Infrastructure and the Operational Art." READ MORE
May 2014
The good newsIntegrated communications networks have evolved faster and more vigorously than the predictions of the boldest forecasters. READ MORE
August 2013
Today, there are many companies and organizations struggling to keep up with technology and maximize their systems and profit potentials. In the public sector, local, state and federal government units are facing similar challenges dealing with efficiency, controls, and service through technology. READ MORE
May 2013
Safety is everybody’s 24/7 job. Safety is constantly evolving as the world around us changes. An absence of injuries does not prove the presence of safety. On the job or on the way to and from the jobsites, the need for a safety checklist in your mind is too important to ignore. READ MORE
April 2013
The integrated systems contractor, collectively, is one of the most mobile workforces in the United States. Plus, these contractors are connected to an active network of business and personal communications through cellular or smartphone wireless devices. Many installers carry two cellphones (one for work and one for personal use). READ MORE
March 2013
Undoubtedly, you have heard the ads on TV or radio about the enhanced home/business security systems that provide two-way voice and one-way video surveillance upon demand (using Internet protocols). These new inexpensive systems and security/safety services are rapidly getting public acceptance from both consumers and first responders. READ MORE
September 2012
The integrated systems contractors are working diligently to create the automated buildings and campuses networks that will usher us into a 21st Century renaissance. READ MORE
July 2012
The light up ahead is an oncoming train. New demands are adding to the existing growth in security and safety. The burglar/fire alarm industry continues to grow, fueled by advancements in computing technology and Internet protocol (IP) devices, software, cellular and smartphones. READ MORE
July 2012
The $48 Rolex watch is obviously a counterfeit. Counterfeit products are found throughout in the communications industry today. Some are even labeled and packaged to look identical to the real deal. Distributors can be great allies. READ MORE