Faith Hayden

Former Associate Editor

Faith Hayden is a former associate editor for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR.

Articles by Faith Hayden

August 2006
It’s hard to believe that electrical contractors still carry the “installer of product” stigma—especially when an ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR report indicates that design/build projects account for 46 percent of contractor revenue. The contractor is evolving from merely an installer of product to designer and specifier faster than the industry mindset is changing. READ MORE
May 2006
When it comes to identifying changes in our industry, Electrical Contractor likes to go straight to the source. That’s why between Aug. 26 and Oct. READ MORE
April 2006
As a child, if I ever wanted an astronomy lesson, all I had to do was step out onto my parents’ driveway and look up. That was one of the benefits of growing up in a rural town, 50 miles away from any urban glow. But in cities, and a growing number of suburbs across America, that astronomy lesson can only come from a planetarium. READ MORE