Eric David

Freelance Writer

Eric David is a professor of electrical technology at Long Beach (Calif.) City College, a consultant and an expert witness. He can be reached at 562.597.1877 or at

Articles by Eric David

April 2004
A costly item you cannot avoid In a past column, I pointed out the standard procedures and precautions regarding insurance expenses that will affect a final bid price. READ MORE
March 2004
What does it take to be an estimator? I am frequently asked what type of courses would help prepare someone to become an estimator. There is no single answer, as many of the skills required of an estimator can be gained through normal life experiences—though some of the know-how may only be gained in organized course work. READ MORE
February 2004
Many overloaded contractors have uttered something along these lines at one point or another: “I wish I could find someone that’s as smart as I think I am to share some of the load.” But if that load is to support the estimating needs of the company, maybe what they are really looking for is someone more adept at using today’s tools and theories in our ever-changing trade. READ MORE
January 2004
As if contractors and estimators didn’t face sufficient obstacles to bid profitable projects and run a business that produces a healthy return on investment, a new wrinkle has been gaining steam. If you haven’t been subjected to this disguised form of bid shopping and bid peddling, it’s likely you soon will. READ MORE
December 2003
As was pointed out in last month’s column, when an electrical contractor expands to a new area of work such as school construction, a new set of parameters enters the estimating picture. Perusal of the specifications becomes a lesson in caution. Some of the caution is buried in general language and this is where some of the pitfalls will trap the inexperienced estimator and installers. READ MORE
November 2003
It’s certainly no secret that many areas of the country are seeing less viable work to bid, and yet more competition for the jobs that are going ahead. The light at the end of the tunnel is still dim as companies are holding their breaths (and expansion plans) until they see an improvement in the economy. READ MORE
October 2003
June in Southern California means that the weather is usually cloudy most mornings; residents have come to call the period “June gloom.” This summer’s industry publications brought a different kind of gloom to estimators, no matter what the geography. The rules of the estimating game seem to be changing even more than in past years. The changes are coming from several different places. READ MORE
September 2003
One factor in learning a new occupation or system is mastering the language being used, or at least the basic meanings of words. Word confusion affects every industry. Take the computer instruction to hit any key. Hilarious stories abound with people looking for the “any” key, and an entrepreneur actually makes such a key to install on your computer. The electrical industry is no different. READ MORE
August 2003
Summer is here, bringing plenty of distractions. Don’t get sidetracked, as this is the time to consider added training if you are an estimator. The hectic pace of change in our industry is virtually predictable. Technical advances over the years have made our industry a major player—but we need to keep on top of advances. There are many sources of added training. READ MORE