Edward Brown

IBS Columnist and Freelance Writer

Edward Brown is an electrical engineer, freelance writer and editor who draws on his years of practical experience designing industrial processing and high-power electronics systems. In addition to writing the Integrated Building Systems column for Electrical Contractor as The Writing Engineer, he covers the world of cutting-edge technology, automation, alternate energy, energy conservation and fire alarm and security systems. He was Managing Editor of Security and Life Safety Systems and NEC Digest Magazines. Reach him at ebeditor@gmail.com.

Articles by Edward Brown

April 2008
For those electrical contractors incorporating systems integration into their skill sets, many questions and strategies for doing so may appear. Consider this as a general guide to the basic elements of integrating a system. It is intended to help people who are unfamiliar with systems integration to ask the right questions. READ MORE
April 2008
Lighting can be contolled for different purposes. Significant energy savings can be achieved with automatic intelligent control of lighting. Instead of all the luminaires in an office building turning on every morning at the same time, for example, they can be programmed to come on only if someone is in the room or in particular areas only during the hours they are in use. READ MORE
March 2008
If you've been reading Tom Glavinich’s Integrated Building Systems columns, you probably picked up a running theme. He introduced it in his January 2007 column: “Concern over the environment and global warming grows, and the public becomes increasingly aware that residential and commercial buildings use a large portion of the U.S. READ MORE
I’m a big fan of the TV quiz show “Jeopardy,” so I was blown away when I saw a demo of Sony’s new Internet TV. You can watch the show on half the screen and search the Internet for an answer at the same time. Now, for me, that’s progress. Why should it matter to electrical contractors (ECs)? READ MORE