Edward Brown

IBS Columnist and Freelance Writer

Edward Brown is an electrical engineer, freelance writer and editor who draws on his years of practical experience designing industrial processing and high-power electronics systems. In addition to writing the Integrated Building Systems column for Electrical Contractor as The Writing Engineer, he covers the world of cutting-edge technology, automation, alternate energy, energy conservation and fire alarm and security systems. He was Managing Editor of Security and Life Safety Systems and NEC Digest Magazines. Reach him at ebeditor@gmail.com.

Articles by Edward Brown

November 2008
Many electrical contractors are finding additional revenue with the introduction of green technology. My definition of greening is taking whatever steps are necessary to reduce the energy consumed by a building or complex. READ MORE
October 2008
Networked video is a huge success in the marketplace. Fiber optic cabling has allowed the widespread distribution of this valuable tool for security and control functions. There is much money to be made in video. READ MORE
September 2008
Internet protocol (IP) is growing in popularity as a method for integrating building systems. First of all, it is a way of interconnecting every building system. According to Rawlson King of the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), “The idea behind IP-based systems is that all devices should be able to be accessible regardless of function. READ MORE
August 2008
The South Ferry Subway Station is at the southern tip of Manhattan, alongside Battery Park, which looks out over New York Harbor and its famous resident, the Statue of Liberty. It’s not surprising that it is the subway system’s second-busiest station, with about 6 million riders passing through it annually. READ MORE
August 2008
Based on my visit to ISC West 2008, I have the impression that security is one of the fastest growing areas of integrated building systems. While the general construction industry marketplace may have slowed in the past year, security demand has maintained a steady growth since Sept. 11, 2001. READ MORE
July 2008
Licensing for integrated building systems (IBS) work is a pretty confusing subject—not too surprising for a field experiencing rapid expansion and change. In fact, the very idea of something called integrated building systems is new. It encompasses fields of work that have, until recently, been considered separate. READ MORE
July 2008
While fire alarms can be integrated with other building systems, they are tightly governed by codes and standards, such as NFPA 72, NFPA 70, UL864, etc., since these systems directly affect life safety. READ MORE
June 2008
I was planning to continue writing my IBS columns on how to integrate the various building technologies, but my visit to this year’s LightCongress in New York exposed me to so many good ideas that I just have to talk about them. I’ll get back to my plan next month. READ MORE
May 2008
To discuss heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), I will return to the categories I used in my first column: power, control and communications. HVAC systems are a major part of the infrastructure of large buildings, and since they use a great deal of power, they have a large impact on a building’s energy usage. READ MORE