Edward Brown

IBS Columnist and Freelance Writer

Edward Brown is an electrical engineer, freelance writer and editor who draws on his years of practical experience designing industrial processing and high-power electronics systems. In addition to writing the Integrated Building Systems column for Electrical Contractor as The Writing Engineer, he covers the world of cutting-edge technology, automation, alternate energy, energy conservation and fire alarm and security systems. He was Managing Editor of Security and Life Safety Systems and NEC Digest Magazines. Reach him at ebeditor@gmail.com.

Articles by Edward Brown

December 2011
To help you get a head start in reaping the income from the aging-in-place healthcare business, here is a sampling of companies who are marketing products and systems. READ MORE
November 2011
The market for home automation is poised for terrific growth. Integrated systems are increasingly becoming a part of the electrical contractor’s business. READ MORE
October 2011
Telehealth and self-care technology is here, and it’s going to be a fast-growing source of business for low-voltage electrical contractors. This is not a guess; it’s a sure thing. According to the Census Bureau, 71 million Americans will be over the age of 65 by 2030. A huge number of potential customers will be eager for technology that can give them better and less expensive healthcare. READ MORE
September 2011
New strategies are coming to help homeowners pay less for electricity, and electrical contractors can help them prepare. If you have installed a network infrastructure for your customers, they will be ready to take advantage of these strategies as they develop. READ MORE
August 2011
During these tough economic times, contractors are looking for ways to expand their business beyond the traditional installation and wiring of power systems. Here are some ideas. READ MORE
July 2011
Home automation is where the worlds of information technology (IT) professionals and electrical contractors come together. They have a lot to teach each other, and they can have great success when they work together. An electrical contractor can set up a home automation department by training a team of installers to wire and commission these systems. READ MORE
May 2011
Last month, I wrote about tempting residential customers to create a network for multi-room HDTV, audio, video, games, Internet and home computers. When you get their attention, you can point out that those things are just the icing on the cake. READ MORE
April 2011
While the connected home market is clearly expanding, the details are uncertain, and the players are jockeying for position. Hardware and software manufacturers are trying to be the first to be online because they know this market is going to take off. Electrical contractors would be wise to learn about these new offerings. READ MORE
March 2011
I’m a big fan of the TV quiz show “Jeopardy,” so I was blown away when I saw a demo of Sony’s new Internet TV. You can watch the show on half the screen and search the Internet for an answer at the same time. Now, for me, that’s progress. Why should it matter to electrical contractors (ECs)? READ MORE