Ed Lawrence

Freelance Writer

Ed Lawrence is a freelance writer and photographer based in Bozeman, Mont. He can be reached at hrscrk@mcn.net.

Articles by Ed Lawrence

April 2004
Traffic congestion in major metropolitan areas is now a fact of life. We may not like it, but as roads become more crowded with automobiles and trucks, we are spending more time listening to books on tape. As if the sheer number of vehicles were not enough of an aggravation, travelers on Interstate 280, which winds through downtown Toledo, Ohio, live with the added burden of river barge traffic. READ MORE
March 2004
Powering up a Winter Festival Last November, about the time most of us living above the Mason-Dixon line began a months-long huddle around the fireplace with the arrival of 30-degree temperatures, things were heating up in Saint Paul, Minn. The heat was not entirely provided by fossil fuel, either; the city is the home of a 120-year-old winter carnival that celebrates the cold season. READ MORE
February 2004
Can you imagine what it would be like to be the first person in the world to flip a switch actuating what could become revolutionary technology? A switch powering a device that will assist in reducing our dependence on imported fuel while at the same time decreasing emissions into the universe? Tom Shreves can. READ MORE
December 2003
What’s new in the lightning protection field? From a technical standpoint, not much, although the lightning rod disguised as a rooster on a barn has been replaced by more efficient transmitters. From a financial standpoint, there may be a tremendous business opportunity if you are located in an area susceptible to electrical storms. READ MORE
September 2003
If your firm has fallen into the doldrums, perhaps it is time to take an introspective look at your business with an eye toward shifting gears. Maybe it is time to become a more aggressive player in your marketplace. READ MORE
July 2003
electrical contractor: Mr. Employer, what would your electricians say if you asked “what improvements would you like to see in your hand tools?” mr. employer: Do you mean everyday tools like screwdrivers and pliers and co-ax crimpers? How could anyone build a better mousetrap? electrical contractor: How about a battery-operated crimper? mr. employer: No way! READ MORE
April 2003
Ask four different contractors or manufacturers what’s new on the residential lighting front and you’ll get four different answers. One may point to new fixtures, maybe a Spiderman light suspended by wire from the ceiling. Another may mention backlit dimmers or fluorescents suitable for residential use that feature quick starts and excellent color rendition. READ MORE
February 2003
You’re familiar with the concept of the “smart house,” which is in the third generation of development. Their computerized electrical systems open garage doors, program lighting schemes and operate home-security systems. Some even turn on the coffee pot. READ MORE
October 2002
Harry Truman once said that the way to get a mule's attention "is to hit him between the eyeballs with a two by four." It may come to that if we are going to get the public's attention about new technology in the residential lighting industry. It's a sad fact that most consumers are unaware that in many applications the incandescent light bulb belongs in the same museum as the Model T Ford. READ MORE