Ed Lawrence

Freelance Writer

Ed Lawrence is a freelance writer and photographer based in Bozeman, Mont. He can be reached at hrscrk@mcn.net.

Articles by Ed Lawrence

September 2006
Innovations in fluorescents mean energy savings and lighting suited for more than kitchens and offices THOUGH FLUORESCENT LIGHTING SYSTEMS have been on the market for years, manufacturers continue to introduce evolutionary improvements that increase functionality and produce economic savings. That positions fluorescents among viable alternatives, especially in commercial installations. READ MORE
January 2006
You know those old axioms: “A penny saved is a penny earned,” and, “Time is money,” and, from Ben Franklin, “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a large ship.” It is no secret that managing expenses commands more of our attention today than in the past. Of course, managing the finances of a project also entails evaluating the risk/reward ratio. READ MORE
July 2005
Advancements in lamp and fixture technology, new approaches to design and the influence of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) are making waves in the outdoor lighting world. “This is the most exciting time ever in the lighting business. Especially in the outdoor field,” said Mike Owens, a 35-year lighting systems engineer with General Electric (GE). READ MORE
June 2005
Ask a handful of electrical contractors how they feel about becoming active in the lighting design field and you are sure to receive a plethora of conflicting responses. While there is little consensus in the field, contractors making the move into the market are cashing big checks, while the others are still pulling wire and screwing in light bulbs. READ MORE
April 2005
You are going out for a meal on a special occasion in the dining room of a luxury hotel. In addition to exquisite food, you would like a romantic atmosphere, rather than the bright lights and noise of a bistro. Would you settle for sitting at a table surrounded by glass blocks illuminated by lamps that change color from white, to amber to pink throughout the evening? READ MORE
March 2005
Until recently, oceangoing ships were built from the keel up on a kind of dry dock called a “way.” This was either a temporary structure or permanent inclined surface (some ways are made of brick and concrete and resemble a long ramp) with a network of heavy wooden beams designed so the ship would be built on a downward slope. A way had to be at the water's edge. READ MORE
October 2004
Managers and owners have specific needs As a result of numerous lawsuits filed against hotel and resort owners in the 1980s through the 1990s, the industry appears to be one step ahead of many others in the development of systems and procedures designed to protect guests and their personal property as well as owners who may have inadvertently hired unscrupulous employees. READ MORE
September 2004
Ask half a dozen of Bob Colgan’s acquaintances about the man who has been the Babe Ruth of the Toledo electric community for 40-plus years and you’ll hear two things: “First, he’s an honest man with great integrity whose word is his bond. If he says he’ll do something, he does,” said Buck Autrey, a longtime friend and NECA past president Second: “He’s a lousy golfer and a prankster. READ MORE
July 2004
A new wave of hand tools has arrived For years, hand tools improved gradually, evolving yearly. Today’s hand tools are decidedly different—the new changes are revolutionary, rather than evolutionary. Take Stout Tools’ X-Band Heavy-Duty Cordless bandsaw, for instance. READ MORE