Denise Norberg-Johnson

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Denise Norberg-Johnson is a former subcontractor and past president of two national construction associations. She may be reached at

Articles by Denise Norberg-Johnson

October 2014
American workers are growing more confident about having enough money to fund a comfortable retirement, according to the latest Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) sponsored by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), the American Savings Education Council (ASEC), and Mathew Greenwald & Associates. READ MORE
September 2014
Are you awaiting your retirement date, eagerly embracing a well-earned life of leisure? Or does the very thought of replacing your work routine with unscheduled days on your couch bring on a full-scale anxiety attack? Do you get the shakes if you even begin to imagine handing someone else the keys to your carefully built company and walking into the sunset? READ MORE
August 2014
How does your attitude about money affect your business and personal life? At work, people are seldom comfortable discussing financial issues with employees or co-workers. You implement procedures to acquire and protect assets, and expect your employees to legally agree to follow your rules. READ MORE
July 2014
Most business owners have probably looked at their personal credit reports through at least one of the three major reporting organizations—Equifax,
TransUnion and Experian—and occasionally glimpsed something called a FICO score. Electrical contractors know this information can affect the terms of agreements with lenders, sureties, vendors and customers. READ MORE
June 2014
Managing overhead requires a deliberate series of allocation and recovery decisions that affect the flexibility of your pricing strategy for each project. Periodically, you should re-evaluate how you price to recover overhead costs and allocate actual expenses through your job-costing system.
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May 2014
Strategic pricing is not a one-size-fits-all system, and it requires constant analysis. Electrical contractors who understand and monitor market conditions, as well as their own estimating procedures, will make the best choices each time they submit a bid. Last month’s column suggested five situations in which increasing your price could be a useful strategy. READ MORE
April 2014
If you’re a typical electrical contractor, at least part of your revenue probably depends on submitting the lowest price among a growing list of competitors. Although this technically qualifies as a pricing method, it is not a pricing strategy. While pricing is a numbers game, there is more to the final bid price than calculations. READ MORE
March 2014
The idea that employee attitudes affect work performance is not new. Management professor Frederick Herzberg’s employee motivation research from the 1950s is still taught in business schools. READ MORE
March 2014
It may seem that running an electrical contracting business is harder than it used to be. Technology can mechanize many tasks and reduce errors, but research has revealed that employee attitudes have a greater effect on productivity than anyone realized.