Deborah L. O'Mara

Freelance Writer

Deborah O'Mara is the president of DLO Communications in Park Ridge, Ill., specializing in low-voltage. She also is the former editor of Security + Life Safety Systems. She can be reached at 847.384.1916 or

Articles by Deborah L. O'Mara

November 2004
It's an extension of capabilities that rules Straight from the show floor at the recent American Society for Industry Security (ASIS) convention in Dallas is this revelation: new isn't the buzzword for voice/data/video, security and life safety products-a maturation or extension of current capabilities is. READ MORE
September 2004
Smarts and flexibility reign in this product genre Just when you thought access control had hit its peak, there’s more innovation to report. Access control is not just for physical security anymore, even though that too has seen its share of technological advances. READ MORE
September 2004
Think that security is the end-all in residential systems? That mindset will get you nowhere today in the home systems market, and most companies know that. Security may be part of a residential system design, but even more importantly homeowners want convenience. They want remote access via their Web browser, PDA, etc. READ MORE
September 2004
Stop thinking burglar and fire alarms and start thinking computer-based integrated building solutions No matter what you call it—low voltage, voice/data/video or security—it’s a discipline that almost always is coupled with other technologies, facilities management and computer functions in a turnkey solution. And if you’re involved in any part of it, you’re in the right place at the right time. READ MORE
July 2004
End-users can monitor events and plan responses Standard “tools” in current security and low-voltage equipment and peripherals allow installing contractors to more accurately pinpoint events so the end-user can plan an appropriate response. Systems are smarter than ever, and electrical contractors can use the vast array of technology to their advantage and to help the customer with applications. READ MORE
June 2004
Electrical contractors have had their appetites whet. They see promise in a host of voice/data/video and integrated systems and are approaching the market with a newfound sense of excitement regarding turnkey solution contracting. In business and commercial settings, contractors are piggybacking their cabling expertise with video surveillance, access control and other data management functions. READ MORE
May 2004
Illuminating the premises is a critical component of the complete protection plan It has been a whirlwind ride for the security industry the last several years. Not only is there a newfound awareness of and need for security, but technological innovation and computer-based components have found their way to nearly every facet of manufacturing. READ MORE
May 2004
A standard finds new strength There’s common ground between security end-users and electrical contractors/integrators, and it lies in the Ethernet. READ MORE
April 2004
Physical security and information technology team up Moore’s Law basically states that computer technology doubles in ability every 18 months or so, but why should that be a surprise? Today, almost everything we do is somehow tied to a computer, whether it’s making a simple banking transaction or buying groceries online. READ MORE