Deborah L. O'Mara

Freelance Writer

Deborah L. O’Mara is a journalist with more than two decades experience writing about security, life safety and systems integration, and she is the managing director of DLO Communications in Chicago. She can be reached at or 773.414.3573.

Articles by Deborah L. O'Mara

  • New options and customer markets

June 2016
At ISC West 2016, the security industry’s largest annual tradeshow, it was evident the winds of change are blowing within the category of physical security.
May 2016
When it comes to systems integration, intrusion detectors and sensors are the ties that bind. They provide the basis for alerting breaches at the protected premises and can be used in other security activities, including triggering camera recording or in conjunction with access control, doors and closers. READ MORE
April 2016
Physical security technology infrastructure is critical to successful specification. While infrastructures have not changed drastically over the years, existing standards have been revised and improved, connectivity and reliability have been bolstered, and the distances a system can cover have lengthened. 
April 2016
What does security’s future hold? How can electrical contractors position their security and low-voltage divisions to embrace current technology, while proactively addressing customers’ future needs? Because so many new and evolving services are coming to the physical security industry, it can be difficult to assess where the real profitability will lie. READ MORE
March 2016
The market for electronic access control continues to grow. It’s a sign of an ongoing upturn in future specifications. A big opportunity resides in one- to 10-door systems because these openings still may have traditional mechanical locks. However, users are migrating to electronic access control as the technology becomes more affordable. READ MORE
February 2016
The art and science of using video to confirm the status of alarms detected at a protected premises continues to improve with affordable technology and an updated standard set for release as early as the end of this month.
February 2016
The potential of power over Ethernet (PoE) continues to grow, creating new installation opportunities for electrical contractors doing integrated systems work.
January 2016
The years leading up to 2016 were transitional for the security industry. As products and services continue to move to the cloud, the industry has been hard at work learning the morphing landscape and how to best approach the new wave of opportunity emerging from every front. READ MORE
December 2015
With so many choices, it can be difficult to know which signaling technology is best for the residential or commercial security customer. While electrical contractors with security divisions generally focus on hardwired cabling infrastructures, new opportunities have emerged to add wireless systems or include hardwired and wireless in a hybrid approach.