Deborah L. O'Mara

Freelance Writer

Deborah L. O’Mara is a journalist with more than two decades experience writing about security, life safety and systems integration, and she is the managing director of DLO Communications in Chicago. She can be reached at or 773.414.3573.

Articles by Deborah L. O'Mara

January 2004
Critical surveillance calls for a variety of detectors and sensors, and there are some heavy hitters to get the job done. Protecting the infrastructure of the United States remains a top priority, and that means electrical contractors may be called upon to provide surveillance and detection at airports, utilities, water treatment facilities, rail yards and more. READ MORE
December 2003
Biometrics has gone beyond the realm of space-age applications. Now, and in the future, biometrics is a perfect fit with nearly every user in every market. READ MORE
November 2003
It’s nonsense that electrical contractors, traditionally a cable-and-wire bound profession, can do without wireless. It is a solution that has become reliable and super-flexible, and is an excellent way to put systems and services in those facilities where running wire, conduit or cabling is impossible. READ MORE
September 2003
If you are an electrical contractor who offers voice/data/video, fire or other low-voltage systems and services, you’ve probably been getting more inquiries from end-users who want to retrofit their aging security systems. Place your bets on the fact that they want to know about closed-circuit television surveillance (CCTV). CCTV is more than just installing cameras. READ MORE
August 2003
Variety and innovation mean installation flexibility when it comes to lenses for closed-circuit television surveillance (CCTV). That’s just what the end-user needs: a camera and lens that can satisfy whatever the surveillance application dictates. READ MORE
July 2003
Security system upkeep is important to ensure the integrity of the system in the event of an actual breach or break in. It’s then that the significance of a reliable intrusion detection system comes to light. One way to ensure the integrity of the system is to perform regular service and maintenance. READ MORE
June 2003
The attacks of 2001 may be in the past, but efforts to fortify government facilities against terrorist acts continue. A crucial turning point came for the United States on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. It was then that the people of the U.S. realized that terrorist acts can and do happen on our home soil, and not just at obscure overseas locations. READ MORE
May 2003
First Phase of Medical Center Completed The construction of a new medical center is welcome news to the Jersey City community. Jersey City, N.J., has changed. Located in Hudson County and within sight of the majestic Statute of Liberty, it has grown and redeveloped—gentrified if you will. READ MORE
May 2003
Known as a city of high winds and equally blustery politicians, Chicago and its surrounding suburbs are also hailed as a nucleus of distinguished healthcare institutions. At Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) in downtown Chicago, the teamwork approach by contractors resulted in an access-control based installation that raised the bar of integrated security to its highest levels ever. READ MORE