Deborah L. O'Mara

Freelance Writer

Deborah L. O’Mara is a journalist with more than two decades experience writing about security, life safety and systems integration, and she is the managing director of DLO Communications in Chicago. She can be reached at or 773.414.3573.

Articles by Deborah L. O'Mara

November 2005
Schools and research and development (R&D) facilities are multifaceted, multifunction organizations with the need for flexible and adaptable lighting for safety, security and working tasks. Start with a thorough site survey and analysis of the facility. READ MORE
October 2005
It is not a new cabling and wiring installation technique, but it has certainly come of age. Zone cabling is a little like the old multiplexed circuits of the early high-end burglar alarm systems (think New York jewelry stores) with a much more modern twist. READ MORE
October 2005
Sending a fire alarm signal is not enough. State-of-the-art fire alarm and life safety technology now allows for a host of data, instructions, graphics and other functions that get people out of danger quickly. Systems can pinpoint specific areas in distress and notify officials through a variety of communication notification devices, including cellular phones, pagers, etc. READ MORE
September 2005
Chances are you have encountered a wiring mass—or mess—somewhere along the road when installing voice/data/video or information transport systems. Year after year of adding, changing and rewiring may have left the plenum with little room for additional wiring and cabling. READ MORE
September 2005
For traditional burglar alarm installers dealing with intrusion detection and monitored systems, it came as no shock that voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) was not the end-all and cure-all it was originally purported to be. But that’s the reality of emergency communications in some instances. READ MORE
August 2005
Access control is a logical product to integrate. Technology continues to advance, especially in networked solutions, smart cards and biometrics, offering new capabilities and more application possibilities than ever before. It is a logical product to expand and add at existing premises, such as a college that requires single-door control or a campuswide networked solution. READ MORE
August 2005
All or nothing doesn't necessarily cut it in integrated systems. Now, end-users can integrate all or some of their building management and security functions-letting the level of integration fit the facility. Manufacturers have been hard at work making integration simpler, more effective and super-intuitive. READ MORE
July 2005
Camera surveillance for facility and security control continues to go mainstream as existing technology is refined and networking innovations are introduced. Special emphasis has been placed on the integration of new and legacy equipment with surveillance operations to enhance the security at the protected premises. READ MORE
June 2005
Whether mandated by new codes or facilitated by a keen interest in life safety as a result of recent news events, fire alarms continue to rise to the occasion with intelligence and advanced capabilities. Addressable or intelligent systems can be tied to specific zones, sensors or areas of the premises. READ MORE