Debbie McClung

Freelance Writer

Debbie McClung, owner of Woodland Communications, is a construction writer from Iowa.

Articles by Debbie McClung

July 2005
Some contractors buy as few tools as they possibly can while others consider tools an investment to enhance their productivity, so they embrace them,” said Jim Eisele, Greenlee Textron product manager. To a large extent, tools are necessary to perform electrical jobs. New advances in tool development and biomechanics are resulting in a variety of labor-productivity improvements. READ MORE
June 2005
An energy transition with the potential to revolutionize the country's infrastructure is gaining momentum. It is not brokered through expanded power grids or traditional fossil-based economics-it is powered through fuel cells. Fuel cell development is on the upswing. READ MORE
May 2005
While the residential lighting market is still largely driven by new construction and retrofitting of single-family homes, emerging trends in multifamily residential dwellings are signaling new opportunities for the design and installation of indoor lighting products. READ MORE
March 2005
Mike and Jennifer Striegel had hardly started their Memorial Day trip last year when lightning ripped through their Oklahoma home. The strike to their unprotected home created a quirky path of destruction, surging through outlets and destroying valuable electronic equipment as well as ceiling fans and lamps. READ MORE
February 2005
In the residential market overall, we're all into the high-end new homes. We're eating ourselves alive-there's a razor-thin margin. READ MORE
January 2005
“We wanted to streamline the number of programs and eliminate multiple entries into different programs. We wanted a product that everyone in the company could use, from management to accounting to the project managers and purchasing staff. A fully integrated system means everyone has access to the information they need and it resides in the same place.” -Cathleen A. READ MORE
November 2004
Advances in lighting technology have produced a variety of new retrofitting methods and components that are transforming existing high-volume facilities and transportation infrastructure. By their very nature, retrofits are designed to enhance performance and provide significant energy savings. READ MORE
November 2004
The electrical contractor's job on a typical construction project goes beyond the scope of traditional electrical installations. It's a two-part responsibility that includes the construction or renovation of electrical systems for the structure. READ MORE
September 2004
On April 17, 1964, a crowd of more than 48,000 fans gathered in the Flushing Meadows neighborhood to witness the New York Mets play the first game at their new home in Shea Stadium. In attendance was the $25-million stadium’s namesake, William Shea, a popular attorney who spearheaded National League baseball’s return to New York after the Dodgers and the Giants left town in 1957. READ MORE