Debbie McClung

Freelance Writer

Debbie McClung, owner of Woodland Communications, is a construction writer from Iowa.

Articles by Debbie McClung

March 2007
Being competitive in automation means doing your research: READ MORE
March 2007
Being competitive in automation means doing your research: READ MORE
January 2007
High demand for remodeling and smart technologies: READ MORE
July 2006
Manufacturers and the federal government have created and refined an energy conservation mindset that is changing the landscape of lighting efficiency and accelerating the concept-to-market cycle. READ MORE
June 2006
A 500-kilowatt solar power system supplements 15 percent peak power to water treatment operations in northern New Jersey. A 250 kW fuel cell helps manage electricity demand and address ongoing air-quality concerns at a Southern California water reclamation plant. READ MORE
March 2006
Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) has become one of the hottest Web-based applications to shape the changing voice and data industry. Growing fast, the future looks bright as providers explore new dimensions in delivery and integrate features that move away from plain old telephone service (POTS) toward mobile convergence of voice, video and text telephony. READ MORE
January 2006
Project managers at Baker Electric knew in 2001 that powering Des Moines’ new world-class sports and entertainment campus would be a major event. For starters, the property owner, Polk County’s Board of Supervisors, was under intense public scrutiny for developing the $217 million multipurpose Iowa Events Center. READ MORE
December 2005
A number of factors are fueling a nationwide surge in healthcare facility construction and improvements, including updating aging facilities, changing workforce needs and growing consumer demands for specialty services. READ MORE
August 2005
One of the most dynamic parts of the midnight Miami skyline is the Port of Miami Bridge—a half-mile concrete roadbed with piers awash in a blue glow. Spanning the Intracoastal Waterway linking the city to Dodge Island, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) bridge is a well-known Miami landmark. READ MORE