Debbie McClung

Freelance Writer

Debbie McClung, owner of Woodland Communications, is a construction writer from Iowa.

Articles by Debbie McClung

February 2008
It's no surprise that the proliferation of electronics continues to redefine work and play. Local area networks (LANs), which have long performed as distribution workhorses, are rapidly evolving with the breakneck pace of wireless (WLAN). READ MORE
December 2007
Interior residential lighting trends are changing the way we see our spaces with nontraditional approaches, more universal functionality and smarter technologies. READ MORE
November 2007
The days of desk-sized blueprints and drawings spilling out of the superintendent’s pickup are fading. Rolls of plans are being replaced by laptops that prepare and store estimates, Gantt charts, CAD drawings, and circuit and lighting schedules. Wading through reams of paper is giving way to real-time online systems engineered to keep an entire design/build team on the same page. READ MORE
September 2007
Like its counterpart inside the house, the role of exterior residential lighting is growing and becoming more sophisticated. Many people are no longer content with the traditional lamp post or utilitarian wall-mounted fixture by the front door. They are seeking new lamp technologies, more fixture styles and a greater ability to ward off intruders. READ MORE
August 2007
As Today’s growing project-delivery method, much is said about design/build’s inherent advantages; however, its success rests on the shoulders of a winning team. While it is the coach’s responsibility to recruit and manage the team, members have to roll up their sleeves, play their position and perform to a certain set of expectations. Nobody builds a bridge alone. READ MORE
July 2007
Few areas of electrical contracting have changed at a rate greater than residential lighting controls. Residential product offerings have grown exponentially as social and political agendas continue to shape energy supplies—as more middle-income homeowners take control over lighting. READ MORE
June 2007
As energy demand continues to soar and supply levels remain static, manufacturers are developing innovative solutions to conserve energy. Thomas Edison couldn’t have known in 1879 that his improvement to electric lighting—the invention of a practical, long-lasting incandescent bulb—would spark a growing industry of modern lighting controls designed to make the technology energy efficient. READ MORE
May 2007
Red-light cameras take traffic enforcement  to new level of automation READ MORE
April 2007
The need for modern mechanical and communication systems is breathing new life into aging buildings through technologies many decades newer than their bricks and mortar; READ MORE