Debbie McClung

Freelance Writer

Debbie McClung, owner of Woodland Communications, is a construction writer from Iowa.

Articles by Debbie McClung

October 2008
Beyond the bones and bloodlines of electrical installations—the cable, conduit, relays, panel boards and the more sophisticated building automation controls—are the brains, the programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Now in their third decade of existence, PLCs are the high-end gray matter operating today’s machines and industrial processes. READ MORE
September 2008
Whether uncorked for a special occasion, a quick pick from the store or a favorite selection mined from years of palate-pleasing research, behind every bottle of wine is a universe of wire to power-processing equipment and business operations. READ MORE
August 2008
With the rising costs of construction, electronic technologies that aid project management may become some of the most important tools in your toolbox. Software designed to streamline field operations and material purchases, as well as managing estimates through the entire life cycle of a project may be a company’s life raft in this tough economic undertow. READ MORE
July 2008
Just like the herd knows when it’s time to look for greener pastures, forward-thinking city administrators are quietly beginning the migration from office to access points. Municipal wireless (Wi-Fi), once a utopian vision of providing free or low-cost Internet service to entire cities, has not delivered on the dream. READ MORE
July 2008
Every week, medicare contracto Nortidian Administrative Services LLC converts thousands of Part A and Part B claims to electronic documents in multiple locations from North Dakota to Hawaii. READ MORE
June 2008
When you consider sustainability for residential or commercial projects, low-voltage power probably doesn’t even register. Top nods typically go to higher profile electrical and mechanical systems. If anything low voltage garners your consideration, it is likely to be high-efficiency lighting and daylighting concepts. READ MORE
May 2008
New developments in residential temporary power technologies are expanding market opportunities and building the framework for more cost-effective utility service installation techniques and smarter backup power schemes. Consolidating temporary to final power READ MORE
May 2008
The primary purpose of street and roadway lighting is to provide a safe nighttime environment for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It sounds simple, but there’s much more to maintaining the more than 64 million North American outdoor and roadway lights than meets the eye. READ MORE
April 2008
It wasn't too long ago that being green in sports was synonymous with being a rookie. Recently, “green” has taken a 180-degree turn toward visionary. Today, it is the universal definition of sustainable high-performance products that use energy--efficient materials to support measurable results. READ MORE