Debbie McClung

Freelance Writer

Debbie McClung, owner of Woodland Communications, is a construction writer from Iowa.

Articles by Debbie McClung

August 2010
Design/build has evolved into a major electrical construction delivery method. The modern project collaboration model has gained a foothold in electrical contracting companies for its ability to help contractors large and small with real-time team solutions to bidding, financing, engineering, pricing and construction. READ MORE
June 2010
As an autumn sunset faded from the Waukon Municipal Airport in October 2009, history was made for the general aviation (GA) facility located in the northeastern tip of Iowa. After more than 40 years of operation, the traditional pilot-activated runway lighting system was replaced with self-contained solar light-emitting diodes (LEDs)—the first solar installation of its kind in the state. READ MORE
March 2010
Homeowners have often dreamed of small-scale devices that can be installed on their roofs to provide all the energy needed for the operation of their household. That day has arrived. New options in wind and solar energy generation can generate enough kilowatts of power to net meter whole houses and enhance an electrical contractor’s ability to penetrate the residential alternative-energy market. READ MORE
November 2009
Market demand, technological advancements and the statistics that track voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) usage have converged to create some opportunities for you and your customers but only if you yield to testing before entering this progressive intersection. Growth with a caveat READ MORE
August 2009
Spring 2008 delivered the perfect storm to Iowa. A Memorial Day EF5 tornado leveled most of two towns in the north central part of the state, taking nine lives. Another twister ripped through a Boy Scout camp near the Nebraska border, killing four. Both storms and dozens of others dumped thousands of gallons of rain into waterways already swollen with heavy winter meltoff. READ MORE
July 2009
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) dials in the sun to help distribute a vital resource to 26 cities. The District of Columbia is harnessing solar rays to run a new fountain. A photovoltaic (PV) system spanning seven acres at the entrance of Denver International Airport will generate more than 3 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean electricity annually. READ MORE
April 2009
Internet protocol (IP) is increasingly described as a revolutionary force. This is a well-deserved description, as the world has adopted the Web and the underlying IP superstructure for communication, entertainment, news, shopping, gaming and, now, building automation systems (BAS). READ MORE
December 2008
In recent years, interior retail lighting has become as scientific as product selection and point-of-purchase displays, and stringent energy codes are leading manufacturers back into the laboratory to meet the challenges. READ MORE
November 2008
You may have seen the impact of the residential bubble blowout on your local market, and if you’re like a lot of electricians who rely on residential projects, your business model has adjusted to accommodate shifts over the past two years. READ MORE