Debbie McClung

Freelance Writer

Debbie McClung, owner of Woodland Communications, is a construction writer from Iowa.

Articles by Debbie McClung

August 2011
Industry experts say modular building technologies—which allow for the prefabrication of modules in a warehouse or manufacturing facility for seamless on-site installation—can offer tremendous advantages over traditional stick-built means. READ MORE
July 2011
The many advantages of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for general illumination have outweighed their limitations, except when it comes to dimming. READ MORE
July 2011
Do your customers prefer a traditional or converged approach to their building automation infrastructure? Does your toolkit include an understanding of standards-based wireless platforms? Is interoperability a growing part of your vocabulary? READ MORE
March 2011
Homeowners, driven by many factors—such as the desire to reduce fossil fuel use, improve the efficiency of their home, and benefit from federal and state incentives—may seek energy audits. Meanwhile, smart electrical contractors could consider conducting the audits as a means to balance out the sluggish new construction market. READ MORE
February 2011
The nation’s nearly 130 million homes generate more than 20 percent of our nation’s carbon dioxide emissions. Combine that with roughly 75 billion square feet of commercial, industrial and institutional space, and the carbon footprint grows exponentially. READ MORE
January 2011
After one of the toughest employment years in recent history, with many electricians benched in industry layoffs, it may seem counterintuitive to focus on employment right now. As the economy recovers, the employment situation will become more complicated. READ MORE
December 2010
Commercial building owners wishing to add low-voltage control wiring to their existing space for the installation of smart lighting controls used to be severely handicapped by architectural, technological and economical logistics. READ MORE
October 2010
The growing demand for alternative energy and sustainable construction, buoyed by the $43 billion in stimulus funding earmarked for energy-related projects, will require teams of trained electrical contractors. The best news is, with some additional education, there’s no other trade more qualified to install and commission the work. READ MORE
September 2010
“Can you hear me now?” That question, posed in popular cell phone advertisements, is a humorous touchstone for a generation whose ability to communicate wirelessly is dependent on network coverage. Nothing means mobility more than wireless, and wireless is only as good as its network coverage. READ MORE