David A. Hardt

NECA President

David A. Hardt is the current president of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and contributes the President's Desk column monthly. He took office in January 2015 and will serve a three-year term.

Articles by David A. Hardt

July 2015
It’s been eight years since major energy legislation was passed, but current House and Senate proposals that would strengthen America’s infrastructure and increase energy efficiency are exciting prospects for electrical contractors. READ MORE
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June 2015
Washington, D.C., is famous for its traffic circles—and infamous for decision-makers who seem to be stuck in them, going round and round and getting nowhere.
May 2015
NECA was familiar with the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) way back when it was the National Electrical Safety Foundation. In 1994, this nonprofit organization launched as a cooperative effort between the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Underwriters Laboratories, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. READ MORE
April 2015
Energy storage has become a hot topic, vitalized by the need to address issues related to green electrical construction, smart grid initiatives and energy independence. You won’t hear about it on the news every day (not yet, anyway). READ MORE
March 2015
Since 1978, many politicians have won seats in Congress with a little help from NECA. That was when our association launched our political action committee (PAC) to support policy-makers who care about such things as a strong economy that grows jobs, about ensuring rules and regulations don’t go overboard, and about giving everyone a fair chance to succeed.
February 2015
I’ve only been NECA’s president since Jan. 1, and I’m already up to my neck in my new role as the association’s chief elected officer. Among many other executive activities, I’ve been meeting with all types of electrical contractors (ECs) and hearing their concerns, expectations of NECA, and recommendations for action.
 I’m loving it!
January 2015
I set out on a new journey when I officially became president of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) on Jan. 1, after spending a year working as Dennis Quebe’s understudy for this role. I would like to thank everyone who is traveling along with me.