Darlene Bremer

Freelance Writer

Darlene Bremer, a freelance writer based in Solomons, Md., contributed frequently to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR until the end of 2015.

Articles by Darlene Bremer

September 2012
According to the Energy Star program, lighting accounts for nearly 20 percent of the average U.S. home’s electricity use and close to 35 percent of the total commercial building electricity use. In addition, lighting use affects other building systems through its electrical requirements and the waste heat it produces. READ MORE
August 2012
Companies that understand how to collaborate effectively and how to share the right information at the right time are better positioned to reach their objectives. Electrical contractors need to take a fresh look at how they support collaboration and not only implement the tools, but move beyond them to address the role corporate culture plays in promoting or sabotaging the process. READ MORE
August 2012
In response to the crime waves of the 1920s and 1930s in the United States, the security system service industry began with the simple installation of burglar alarms in banks, jewelry stores and warehouses. READ MORE
August 2012
Known by names such as prefab wiring, prebuilt wiring and modular wiring, manufactured wiring systems (MWSs) have been in existence for about 25 years. Although MWSs are recognized as a serious alternative to conventional wiring methods, the debate between the traditional pipe-and-wire approach to electrical installations and MWSs goes on. READ MORE
July 2012
Because of the large number of customers, employees, and merchandise in continuous motion in the retail market, retailers must use various tools and technologies to meet security challenges. Alarm systems, surveillance cameras and access control cards have become an expected part of the security landscape. READ MORE
July 2012
Analysis from Verdantix, an independent analyst focused on energy, environment and sustainability issues for business, shows that the market for carbon and energy management software in the United States will grow to $558 million by 2014. READ MORE
June 2012
For years, the United States has been looking for ways to end its addiction to fossil fuels and create a greener, cleaner and safer environment. From politicians to homeowners, the appeal of renewable energies has continued to hold sway, while more companies are opting to power their operations with clean technologies that offer real and significant cost savings. READ MORE
June 2012
There’s more to security system work than installing a few cameras and card readers in a building, but to understand the depth of security systems work, you have to understand what drives it. The first major trend driving security system design, according to Keith Kushner, director, security engineering and technology for TRC Cos. READ MORE
May 2012
According to a report from Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the global electronic access control systems market is estimated to reach $14.7 billion by 2017. READ MORE