Darlene Bremer

Freelance Writer

Darlene Bremer, a freelance writer based in Solomons, Md., contributes frequently to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. She can be reached at 410.610.7164 and darbremer@comcast.net.

Articles by Darlene Bremer

August 2007
Baseball has made a home for itselfin St. Louis since 1892, when the local team played in Sportsman’s Park. The city’s sports venue has seen two other incarnations since then: one in 1966, when Busch Memorial Stadium opened and again in 2006, as Busch Stadium reopened. READ MORE
July 2007
"Sustainable development involves … meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” was said at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and subsequently adopted by the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. READ MORE
June 2007
Users converge voice and data systems and save money READ MORE
June 2007
Integrated building system training Integrated Building Systems (IBS) represent tremendous opportunities for electrical contractors and are predicted to eventually outgrow the traditional electrical market. READ MORE
June 2007
After years of planning, the Bronx, New York City’s northernmost borough, got a new court complex, nicknamed the “Superblock.” The 10-story, 750,000-square-foot building, worth $396 million, extends over two-and-a-half blocks along East 161st Street. READ MORE
May 2007
Reducing common injuries and maintaining safety practices According to the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (eLCOSH), exposure to electricity is still a major cause of death among construction workers. Among electricians, the most serious concern is working with or near live wires without enlisting the proper safety procedures. READ MORE
April 2007
Oregon Electric Group helps hospital meet LEED credentials: Ranked as the second most integrated healthcare system in the nation, Providence Health System in Oregon offers a comprehensive array of health and educational services through its seven hospitals, medical clinics, health plans, long-term care facilities and home health service. READ MORE
April 2007
Be prepared with the tools and skills for the CII market: READ MORE
April 2007
LED developments lead to higher usage: READ MORE