Darlene Bremer

Freelance Writer

Darlene Bremer, a freelance writer based in Solomons, Md., contributes frequently to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. She can be reached at 410.394.6966 and darbremer@comcast.net.

Articles by Darlene Bremer

January 2008
Driven by the continued escalation of energy costs and the increased awareness of the need to conserve energy, the federal government and most states are establishing energy management requirements in the construction of new buildings and industrial facilities. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has several programs and initiatives designed to aid energy management goals. READ MORE
October 2007
The convergence of light emitting diode (LED) advancements, new federal energy mandates and the development of special funding programs have given the traffic signal market a green light for growth. Historically, inexpensive but inefficient incandescent bulbs lit up traffic signals. READ MORE
October 2007
Training is the best and only way for electrical contractors and electricians to stay ahead in a world filled with changing markets, technologies and methodologies. However, training can be expensive, and it certainly is time-consuming to travel to another city to attend a seminar on new products or new techniques. READ MORE
September 2007
Integrated Buidling Systems(IBS) interconnects multiple building systems or subsystems into a single user interface and represents a tremendous growth opportunity for electrical contractors. The trick is to demonstrate to building owners that the electrical contractor is the best source to deliver this highly sophisticated energy- and cost-saving technology. READ MORE
September 2007
With a huge chunk of the work force approaching retirement, along with volatile economic markets and increased global competition, identifying and supporting talented employees for future leadership roles is vital. READ MORE
August 2007
To succeed in a competitive marketplace, electrical contractors must build lasting partnerships with their customers by supplying quality, dependable electrical products that they can stand behind. Using “gray-market” products places contractors in a risky legal position that could leave them solely responsible for any defects or problems with those products. READ MORE
August 2007
Baseball has made a home for itselfin St. Louis since 1892, when the local team played in Sportsman’s Park. The city’s sports venue has seen two other incarnations since then: one in 1966, when Busch Memorial Stadium opened and again in 2006, as Busch Stadium reopened. READ MORE
July 2007
"Sustainable development involves … meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” was said at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and subsequently adopted by the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. READ MORE
June 2007
Users converge voice and data systems and save money READ MORE