Darlene Bremer

Freelance Writer

Darlene Bremer, a freelance writer based in Solomons, Md., contributes frequently to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR. She can be reached at 410.610.7164 and darbremer@comcast.net.

Articles by Darlene Bremer

November 2010
A power quality problem, according to the Power Quality Service Center, Portland, Ore., is defined as any deviation of electricity applied to the equipment that results in damage or misoperation of electronic equipment or other electrical devices. READ MORE
November 2010
The recession increased competition for fewer construction jobs, resulting in the need for the projects that have been won to be managed as tightly as possible. By now, however, company budgets may be loosening, and it might be a good time for electrical contractors to begin examining the latest construction management software choices. READ MORE
October 2010
Those who adapt to changing conditions survive, and those who don’t adapt don’t survive. That concept applies to species of animals and businesses and has been more evident as the recent economic recession continues to take its toll. READ MORE
September 2010
An energy service company (ESCO) is a business that develops, installs and arranges financing for projects that are designed to improve the energy efficiency and maintenance costs for a facility over a seven- to 20-year period. READ MORE
September 2010
According to a report on www.researchandmarkets.com, the emerging global lighting technologies market is expected to be worth $109.2 billion by 2014 and is growing at an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1 percent from 2009 to 2014. READ MORE
July 2010
It is estimated that the nation’s servers and data centers consumed about 61 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) in 2006, which was 1.5 percent of total U.S. electricity consumption. READ MORE
June 2010
According to Pike Research, marine renewable-energy resources are poised for major growth over the next five years and could collectively capture as much as 10 or even 15 percent of the global electricity market by 2030. READ MORE
May 2010
The North American market for ballasts is already recovering from the sluggish economic conditions of 2009, according to Randy Dollar, vice president, systems market development for Universal Lighting Technologies, Nashville, Tenn. Energy savings is the driving factor behind new sales and product innovations, he said. READ MORE
April 2010
In the beginning, there was the bulletin board system, an online meeting place (accessed over telephone lines using a modem) that enabled users to communicate with a central system where they could download files or games and post messages. READ MORE