Curt Harler

Freelance Writer

Curt Harler, a frequent contributor to SECURITY + LIFE SAFETY SYSTEMS, is based in Strongsville, Ohio. He also can be reached at 440.238.4556.

Articles by Curt Harler

December 2006
Low Voltage Contractors secures once and future landmark: READ MORE
October 2006
EG Sawyer helps repurpose building into secure hotel Bostonians have an interesting conundrum to puzzle: Was the security better at the Charles Street Jail when it was a prison, or will it be better this coming spring when the completely refurbished site reopens as a luxury hotel? This is not idle speculation. Electrical contractor Edward G. Sawyer Co. Inc. READ MORE
December 2004
As the Great Blackout of 2003 rolled through the Northeast and Midwest, a lot of people were left in the dark. But the blackout turned on the lights for a group of National Electrical Contractor Association (NECA) member contractors in Michigan. They saw the blackout as opportunity knocking. Banks, hospitals and other businesses need to protect mission-critical applications and human life. READ MORE
October 2004
The next generation of hotel security and lock systems will depend on two features—ease of access for the guest and ease of control for the hotel. As a result, there are some subtle shifts in the market that will change how electrical contractors do business. READ MORE
August 2004
Pro-Tec Design and Premier Electrical demonstrate success in the field of security In 1966, a Chicago-based electrical contractor landed a job working on the main runway at the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport. READ MORE
August 2003
It’s a new day for pop diva Céline Dion and for high-tech security and electronic visual effects at her Las Vegas show of the same name. The electronics for the high-energy show come courtesy of Bombard Electric, Las Vegas. Bombard worked both the low-voltage and the electronics side of the much-praised Colosseum hall at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. READ MORE
August 2003
Hollywood may be the only place where “the look” is more important than it is in retail lighting. Out front or indoors, there are several new technologies available to provide splashy yet economical lighting for stores and businesses. “The biggest issues are design of the fixtures and how they perform. READ MORE
June 2003
Two emerging street lighting stars in the night sky are not quite ready for prime time. However, the LED (light-emitting diode) and the triple-tube compact fluorescent lamp show promise and contractors should be aware of them. There are several alternatives to traditional high-pressure sodium for road and parking lot applications. READ MORE
June 2003
It’s safe to say the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) keeps close watch on everyone’s money. Especially its own revenues and expenditures. That is why the contractors who completed the recent security project at the IRS’s Kansas City location—including closed-circuit television surveillance (CCTV), fencing and other anti-terrorist systems—had to be on top of everything, all the time. READ MORE