Curt Harler

Freelance Writer

Curt Harler, a frequent contributor to SECURITY + LIFE SAFETY SYSTEMS, is based in Strongsville, Ohio. He also can be reached at 440.238.4556.

Articles by Curt Harler

June 2010
When Fred Scripture, owner of Commercial Controls Corp., Valencia, Calif., ponders the security work involved in the company’s project at the California Court of Appeal, 4th District Courthouse in downtown Santa Ana, he is amazed at the depth of the project. The courthouse opened last fall, and final security work was completed in March. READ MORE
April 2010
When Dynalectric, San Diego, started work on the University of California, San Diego Thornton Cardiovascular Center project, it faced many challenges. “It is the first job like this I’ve done where all of the wiring had to be piped in. There was no free-air cable, just lots of intricate pipe work,” said Levi Lopez, project manager, Dynalectric. READ MORE
February 2010
Ask a typical client what they want from a security camera, and they’ll tell you they want a system with a big, wide view that makes it easy for security to know what they are viewing and helps them identify situations before they become problems. READ MORE
January 2010
If you accept the common wisdom from Wall Street, the bottom of the current market slump came on November 20, 2008; still, in interviews with electrical contractors across the nation conducted a year later in late October and early November 2009, most eagerly awaited the birth of a new and vigorous market. One thing is for sure: this market will not be born prematurely, but people are waiting. READ MORE
August 2008
Third Avenue in Minneapolis used to run due south from the Mississippi River, past the convention center, and on to the Minneapolis Institute of Art in the southern part of the city where the Pillsburys and other high rollers built their first mansions. The convention center’s most recent expansion has changed that. READ MORE
December 2007
Surrounded by park land, historic landmarks and dramatic views of downtown, the new Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Mo., is yet another sign of the region’s renaissance. When it came to providing the security and electrical systems for the project, the government knew it could bank on electrical contractor Mark One Electric Co. Inc., also of Kansas City, to get the job done right. READ MORE
December 2007
The US Patent and Trademark Office headquarters (USPTO) in Alexandria, Virginia, received a citation in the Engineering and Technology category from the General Services Administration (GSA) as part of the agency’s 2006 Design Awards Program. The GSA Design Awards Program is held every two years to honor the best of the federal projects designed and constructed by GSA. READ MORE
April 2007
Cannon & Wendt enraptures healthcare customers: It is tough for doctors and nurses who have to work a hospital’s grueling 24/7 schedule; it is also challenging for the electrical contractor who installs new electronics and alarm systems in a hospital, as workers have to be prepared to work around everyone’s schedule, while considering patient comfort. READ MORE
March 2007
Contractors score with systems and services: READ MORE