Claire Swedberg

Freelance Writer

Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

February 2011
Electrical and low-voltage contractors know interpreting and applying electrical codes and standards can be a challenge. Keeping staff trained on the applicable standards and how to follow them also can be a difficult task. READ MORE
January 2011
When football fans come to New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., they may be more focused on their NFL team—both the Giants and Jets play there—than the mammoth project involved in constructing and powering the building. READ MORE
December 2010
The video security market in retail is moving at a measured pace through what had been expected to be a revolutionary shift—from analog to digital, from closed-circuit surveillance systems to Internet protocol (IP). And while the cost of technology, the size of retailers’ systems and then two years of recession has postponed the revolution, the changes are underway. READ MORE
October 2010
Whether it is security or building automation, hotel and casino building owners are applying new technology that makes facilities more secure, energy-efficient and competitive. For electrical and low-voltage contractors, the challenge is informing these hospitality-market customers about their options and staying with them until the finished systems operate as they were intended. READ MORE
September 2010
Five years ago, on Aug. 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina leveled homes and businesses along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and flooded the city of New Orleans. Today, the physical devastation caused by the storm has largely been repaired. Economically, however, the three strikes of the storm, recession and BP oil spill have left the region with a limited and shifting customer base. READ MORE
August 2010
The public building sector is ahead of others when it comes to automation. Frequently, in that sector, automation is used to manage exhibits and operate facilities. But until recently, there was little connectivity between the automated systems. READ MORE
July 2010
Rock reduction plants, which process rock into products such as cement or sand, require specialty electrical construction that only a handful of electrical contractors have taken on. One such contractor, Farnham Electric Co. of McMinnville, Ore., does this work around the world. READ MORE
July 2010
The 6,800-foot bridge over New York’s Hudson River dates back more than a century when it served as the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge. It now is used as a walkway. But the lights that illuminate the walkway, and the security system to provide assistance to those crossing its expanse, have had a much shorter lifespan. READ MORE
June 2010
Contractor: J. Ranck Electric (JRE), Mount Pleasant, Mich. Project: 12 highway sensor stations and message signs Owner: Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Project partners: Hubbell, Roth, & Clark (HRC), design work; URS Corp. READ MORE