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Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

September 2011
Ten years have passed since the devastating terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and while we will never forget the events of that day, the scars are healing. Construction is underway on One World Trade Center, which towers 80 stories high, on the site known as Ground Zero. It is already the tallest building in Lower Manhattan and is rising at a rate of about one story per week. READ MORE
August 2011
  Once an electrical contruction project is complete, some contractors and customers start a maintenance relationship that continues for the life of the system. This relationship is not only potentially lucrative for the contractor but benefits the customer as well. READ MORE
July 2011
Five years after completing the 500-megawatt (MW) Astoria Energy natural gas combined-cycle power plant in Queens, N.Y., E-J Electric Installation Co. of Long Island City, N.Y., is at work on its twin—Astoria Energy Phase II—helping usher in New York’s cleanest, most efficient power plant. READ MORE
June 2011
Upgrading existing proprietary building systems to a single integrated Internet protocol (IP)-based management system will take place in nearly every commercial and industrial building in the coming years, and according to some in the industry, U.S. buildings lead the world in this trend. READ MORE
April 2011
With the convergence of low-voltage systems into one Internet protocol (IP) network for commercial or industrial buildings, cabling multiple disparate systems may become a thing of the past. The Ethernet cable standard Category (Cat) 5 cable cannot support the bandwidth necessary for such solutions. READ MORE
April 2011
The gradual emergence from the recession, as well as development of more efficient technology, is signaling what vendors predict will be a surge in commercial building automation. That trend would provide an opportunity for contractors to continue to shift their role from installers to consultants and specifiers. READ MORE
February 2011
Electrical and low-voltage contractors know interpreting and applying electrical codes and standards can be a challenge. Keeping staff trained on the applicable standards and how to follow them also can be a difficult task. READ MORE
January 2011
When football fans come to New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., they may be more focused on their NFL team—both the Giants and Jets play there—than the mammoth project involved in constructing and powering the building. READ MORE
December 2010
The video security market in retail is moving at a measured pace through what had been expected to be a revolutionary shift—from analog to digital, from closed-circuit surveillance systems to Internet protocol (IP). And while the cost of technology, the size of retailers’ systems and then two years of recession has postponed the revolution, the changes are underway. READ MORE