Claire Swedberg

Freelance Writer

Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

October 2012
Before tablet computers and smartphones were so common, home automation was for homeowners and developers who could pay the high price. But in just a few years, 4G and Wi-Fi-based devices are widely distributing the possibility of home automation to consumers with a vengeance. READ MORE
August 2012
The federal government’s many agencies commonly accept the design/build project delivery method advantages, but it’s still a select number of contractors that win these projects. The trend may change as federal agencies further accept design/build and the number of knowledgeable contractors increases. READ MORE
August 2012
Industrial and commercial facilities strive to service existing low-voltage distribution equipment in an effort to postpone costly replacement. As part of that effort, a maintenance contract can be critical to a facility’s life-extension program. Maintenance contracts are an advantageous choice for electrical and low-voltage contractors, not to mention the customers who own the systems. READ MORE
June 2012
Facility automation systems are becoming more reliant on open protocols, enabling one infrastructure to send and receive information from previously separate and disparate systems, such as security; metering; asset tracking; heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC); and others. READ MORE
April 2012
Data center owners and managers are driven by one primary goal as they expand, construct or renovate the storage areas for their computer systems and associated components. Their goal is energy reduction. Growing ever larger, data centers are major power consumers in the commercial market; however, improving technological efficiency is reining in some of that consumption. READ MORE
March 2012
Luxury homes are often a launching point for technology, such as home automation, security, lighting management, and entertainment systems, that could become commonplace throughout the residential market. READ MORE
March 2012
As a result of growing demand for alternative energy in Illinois and Missouri, Pyramid Electrical Contractors Inc. in Fairview Heights, Ill., and St. Louis, Mo., specializes in solar work by installing photovoltaic panels to power schools, residences and commercial buildings. READ MORE
February 2012
As the electrical industry is poised for some big changes—with the continued development of smart grids, alternative energy and the rapid expansion of data centers—codes- and standards-making bodies are crafting new standards and clarifying old ones. READ MORE
January 2012
Energy projects currently underway across the United states reflect several trends—new construction in the alternative-energy sector and renovation at traditional power plants to update aging infrastructure. READ MORE