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Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

  • Chicago's historic Palmer House Hilton is the nation's longest continuously operating hotel.
February 2014
Renovations play a critical role in the long-term, strategic planning of single and chain hotel properties nationally. Upgrades and rebuilds not only extend the life of a hotel property, but they also can boost image, competitiveness and efficiency. More than other industries, most hospitality properties schedule a consistent cycle of improvement projects. READ MORE
  • A section of the tunnel from the back of the TBM
January 2014
The city of Columbus, Ohio, has a problem. For years, untreated wastewater has overflowed from its taxed sewer system during periods of heavy, prolonged rainfall. To combat this, the city’s Department of Public Utilities is undertaking a mammoth project to create a cleaner, healthier city. READ MORE
December 2013
 Fixture by fixture, lighting in American cities is transitioning from the traditional metal halide domain to light-emitting diodes (LEDs), not only on city streets, but also in landscaping and commercial building settings. READ MORE
December 2013
Cameras aimed at customers moving through store aisles can provide a lot more than security. Retailers have become technically savvy and hungry for data about their customers’ behavior and habits, which is information that, until now, has given online retailers an edge. Technology companies are offering hardware and packaged solutions that put both security and analytics on the same camera. READ MORE
October 2013
Despite years of forecasting the future of low-voltage installations, the use of tablets and smartphones still took the market by surprise. While the industry was gearing up to meet the need for Cat 5 and Cat 5e cable to bring the Internet into people’s homes and operate computers and TVs, the gadgets that most Americans carry in their hands changed the playing field. READ MORE
September 2013
Global pharmaceutical Merck is using the power of the sun, with some help from federal stimulus money, to raise the green level of its facilities; the most recent of which is at its Upper Gwynedd, Pa., complex. Completed in 2011, the array of solar panels provide enough power to reduce that office complex's energy consumption by about 14 percent. READ MORE
August 2013
Contractors have been using rudimentary building-information modeling (BIM) tools since the 1970s to design installations before construction. Today’s BIM software tools aim beyond new builds to help users track operational efficiency.
August 2013
Today, Most building automation installations are retrofits, positioned with an eye to reducing energy consumption and the overall costs of operating existing facilities. With that in mind, building managers and owners have very different requirements than even 10 years ago. Users want systems that integrate heating, ventilating, air conditioning, lighting, security and fire/life safety. READ MORE
July 2013
Energy-efficiency-based renovations are surging ahead of new construction lately as legislation and the sheer cost of energy encourage building owners to find ways to slash power consumption. Owners are discovering that such projects reduce a building’s operational costs, help them meet standards, and attract tenants, thereby gaining a competitive edge.