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Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

March 2015
In New York, the damage was less than anticipated, and residents, as well as the teams charged with rebuilding after the storm, chalked that up to luck. The storm’s trajectory kept it farther north and west from New York than projected, and the snow it dumped on the major cities was largely the light, dry and fluffy variety that doesn’t drag down tree limbs and power lines. READ MORE
February 2015
Green building trends have affected nearly every sector of the construction and renovation market, and schools and universities are part of it. With more incentives, more local legislative requirements, and participation in President Barack Obama’s Climate Neutrality Commitment, facility managers are asking how sustainable their buildings are and how to improve on the efficiency. READ MORE
February 2015
Cell phone makers, developers and some chip manufacturers have been preparing for a boom in near-field communication (NFC) technology adoption that seems on the cusp of turning most people’s phones into tools for payments, picture sharing, access control and marketing. It is poised to affect the lives of contractors, both as systems installers and users.
January 2015
How do companies figure the cost of doing business? The answer is complicated for electrical contractors (ECs) to track and mitigate, as the environment most operate in has shifted from a few big construction jobs to a variety of contracts and providing a plethora of services. Managing the costs of a few large construction projects used to be front and center for ECs. READ MORE
December 2014
A limited number of low-voltage contractors specialize in the installation of sprinkler systems power and controls. For them, it provides a regular source of revenue that most contractors have bypassed. READ MORE
October 2014
Residential end-user expectation is fueling automation expansion not only in the homes of the wealthy but also in middle class developments where residents expect to be able to manage the operation of their homes with their cell phone or tablet. READ MORE
August 2014
When Prime Electric Inc. (Prime) signed on to the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium renovation project, it had challenges ahead—the leanest possible project, large and complex design/build structural elements, and a short turnaround that would ensure the Huskies football team and its fans had a new home in which to play within 21 short months.
August 2014
Most contractors and integrators leave the subsequent maintenance plan in the hands of the facility’s owners and managers once a building automation, fire alarm or other low-voltage-based system is in place. However, a few low-voltage electrical contractors (ECs) provide their own maintenance services, and the regular revenue stream from these jobs can make the effort well worth it. READ MORE
June 2014
The drive for networked building controls aimed at lowering energy costs and boosting efficiency is changing the market for providers. Business is growing as companies become installers and service providers in this industry. READ MORE