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Freelance Writer

Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

April 2004
Hospital security is a multilayered issue with hospitals of varying sizes struggling with how to keep the facility safe from intruders, both human and bacterial, without hindering accessibility. Making hospitals both safe and accessible generally requires technology. Just how much security hospitals use is often determined by their budgets. READ MORE
January 2004
Ask most electrical contractors about the latest cogenerating technology—microturbines—and you’re likely to get silence, or possibly: “micro-what?” This technology, which has only been on the market a few years (Capstone Turbine’s C30 model was introduced in December 1998), may still be relatively unknown, but is poised to take off in the next decade in commercial, municipal and light industrial u READ MORE
December 2003
As long as there have been banks, there have been bank robbers. But in the past decade, keeping up with criminal threats to the banking industry is becoming more high tech as security demands change. Today’s criminals need never set foot near a bank; they can now enter electronically and access bank card information. Identity theft is the other side of the coin, so to speak. READ MORE
November 2003
No one would put their profits on shelves each year to sit and lose value, but that is what many contractors do by ordering and keeping unnecessary inventory. Overordering of inventory costs electrical contractors thousands of dollars a year in lost profits. READ MORE
September 2003
Thousands of people rush through the airport terminal in Louisville, Ky., every day, never suspecting the activity going on next door. The airport is also home to a mammoth state-of-the-art UPS sorting station unrivaled for speed and efficiency. Packages are whisked by the thousands down a complex network of conveyor belts to their destination almost entirely untouched by human hands. READ MORE
August 2003
Growing numbers of electrical contractors are trying out new technology to increase their efficiency—some products with more success than others. But the CAD (computer-aided design) system has become a staple that contractors cannot ignore. READ MORE
August 2003
Casino work involves the deployment of state-of-the-art systems and solutions. When a gambling cheat enters a casino, he or she should face a daunting array of security. If the cheat can avoid looking suspicious to the multitude of security personnel walking the floors and get to the gaming table, he or she must not only fool the dealer but perhaps others watching from an upstairs room. READ MORE
July 2003
Technology is bounding forward in the wireless world and almost every electrical contractor carries one of a variety of cell phones or Internet-related phones, pocket PCs or personal digital assistants (PDAs). Some of this technology is still in its infancy, while some has already become a vital part of on-site work for contractors. READ MORE
June 2003
It has been three decades since fuel cell technology first emerged, but the clean and efficient power alternative is just now beginning to take off. At the rate it is turning up in large companies over the past few years, within another decade fuel cells will be producing electricity for homes as well as businesses. READ MORE