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Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

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August 2016
Maintenance and renovation services don’t get much more complex, challenging or fluid than in data centers. As cloud-based computing pervades, data centers are becoming more plentiful, the data they collect and manage is growing, and security needs are becoming more critical.
June 2016
The evolution of intelligent building system technology has triggered shifting roles for contractors and integrators, and the choices they make in their own specializations over the coming years can mean the difference between winning contracts and keeping customers or becoming less relevant. READ MORE
May 2016
Collisions between workers and vehicles are some of the most expensive incidents on a work site. Beyond the most important form of defense—having diligent and well-trained workers on-site—some contractors use digital solutions to prevent collisions. READ MORE
April 2016
In some ways, electrical contractors are becoming manufacturers. Companies of all sizes are prefabricating and modularizing work before the equipment shows up on the construction site. While some big operators have been doing it for years, small and mid-sized contractors still face a decision: either do it in-house or find someone to do the work for them. READ MORE
April 2016
With cities and utilities worldwide upgrading to light-emitting diode (LED) lighting for streets and outdoor areas, owners and installers wonder when they 
will build in the controls for smart-city applications. Most analysts and technology 
vendors say installing controls while doing retrofits will bring the greatest gain. READ MORE
April 2016
For data centers that still use copper, Category 8 (Cat 8) cabling promises to quadruple speed to 40 gigabits. Cat 8 could operate at a bandwidth frequency of 2 gigahertz. This increased capacity doesn’t mean copper will replace fiber optics, but it will offer a relatively low-cost, high-speed alternative.
  • Photos by Jill Mazur
March 2016
In Southern California, large multifamily residential projects are growing vertically—in towers, high rises and other multibuilding complexes. Orange County electrical contractor SBE Contracting (formerly Stout and Burg) is front and center of this movement.

February 2016
Sometimes you just have to think big. When Pueblo, Colo.’s Dutch Clark Stadium needed a new scoreboard and lighting, Pueblo City Schools (PCS) considered modest options to keep the cost down. Due to some forward thinking, support and fundraising efforts from electrical contractor Pueblo Electrics Inc. READ MORE
February 2016
Demand for skilled electricians is growing. The industry is looking for traditional electrical installation abilities as well as advanced expertise in controls programming, networking and systems integration. READ MORE