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Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

December 2004
Traditionally, residential wiring was the easiest, most straightforward work an electrician could find. But with the demand for “smart” home structured wiring, that tradition is changing. Electrical contractors, as well as the IBEW, face a looming decision: should they adapt to this swelling industry? READ MORE
November 2004
When four hurricanes pounded into the Southeast during August and September 2004, Florida had a tangle of wires, broken buildings and millions of people without power. For electrical contractors in the Sunshine State, that meant a double whammy. While many people lost their own power and suffered damaged property, they had to focus their attention on the power crisis around them. READ MORE
November 2004
When the Rome Braves play ball at home and the games stretch into nightfall, the lights are turned on-lights that rival those in the major leagues. That is a matter of some pride for Atlanta electrical contractor Allison-Smith, which provided not only the lighting but also the sound system for a unique riverside field. READ MORE
October 2004
Theatrical lights celebrate the holidays on major bridges When the crew members of Carr & Duff, Inc., celebrated the Fourth of July four years ago, they converged on the banks of the Delaware. From there, they had a view of their latest accomplishment, a theatrical light show on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. READ MORE
October 2004
Chicago’s Inland Electric grows through acquisition, partnerships, service How does a 23-year-old company grow in a residential market from a “mom-and-pop” company to the largest residential contractor in the Chicago area? READ MORE
September 2004
Line-construction contractors can do their best to train the management, offer safety training and equipment and trust the foremen who are appointed to a job, but it is an inherently dangerous business. READ MORE
August 2004
While CAD drafting systems are an increasing part of the building process, many electrical contractors face choices between investing in CAD, or a raster system with software links to CAD, or watching the process from the sidelines. READ MORE
July 2004
Lighting demands are changing the nature of recreational field installation Athletes may be playing ball in the dark before long. The irony of today’s outdoor recreational lighting is that never before has such high-quality lighting been available and in demand, and never have residential groups fought more vociferously to have those lights turned off. READ MORE
June 2004
Small, Mobile, Powerful Solid oxide fuel cells may be among the first to benefit Nanotechnology is a hot topic in dozens of industries, including the medicine, environment, public health markets. But there seems to be nothing that can stand in the way of what experts call the new industrial revolution. READ MORE