Claire Swedberg

Freelance Writer

Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

June 2005
In the heart of Detroit, surrounded by erosion and boarded-up businesses, a major construction project is nearing completion. READ MORE
March 2005
Twenty-five years ago, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) first prepared a set of standards to ensure electrical workers were safe on their jobs. So why has this standard-known as the NFPA 70e-suddenly become such a big deal? While the standard has been around since 1979, it has been revised several times. READ MORE
February 2005
A house is no longer just a place to live. People now have different views of what a house should do for them and what should be contained within. Some only want a phone line and one personal computer in their new or renovated home. But these simple desires are changing and getting more complex as technological possibilities grow. READ MORE
January 2005
The intention is for local chapters and their unions to use the initiative, which was recently affirmed by the NECA Board of Governors, as a template in establishing their own drug testing policies. This initiative is well received in most chapters, but putting it to work will be a task that varies across the United States. READ MORE
December 2004
Looking at the growth and changes in banking security, few industry watchers can pinpoint what direction technology is headed. Most banks have changed their security systems very little in the past few decades and much of the growth you do see in bank security installations is in new construction of additional branches. READ MORE
December 2004
When Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) considered construction of The Ray and Maria Stata Center for Computer, Information, and Intelligence Sciences, the facility committee wanted something bold. They wanted a building that would reflect their outlook as they faced the 21st century, just as many of their older buildings had facing the 20th. This building had to be unique and memorable. READ MORE
December 2004
Traditionally, residential wiring was the easiest, most straightforward work an electrician could find. But with the demand for “smart” home structured wiring, that tradition is changing. Electrical contractors, as well as the IBEW, face a looming decision: should they adapt to this swelling industry? READ MORE
November 2004
When four hurricanes pounded into the Southeast during August and September 2004, Florida had a tangle of wires, broken buildings and millions of people without power. For electrical contractors in the Sunshine State, that meant a double whammy. While many people lost their own power and suffered damaged property, they had to focus their attention on the power crisis around them. READ MORE
November 2004
When the Rome Braves play ball at home and the games stretch into nightfall, the lights are turned on-lights that rival those in the major leagues. That is a matter of some pride for Atlanta electrical contractor Allison-Smith, which provided not only the lighting but also the sound system for a unique riverside field. READ MORE