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Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

August 2007
As security technology gears up to meet growing demand in public places, those in the industry face the opportunity to keep up or risk falling quickly behind. Mark Visbal, director of research and technology for the Security Industry Association (SIA), Alexandria, Va., sees the security industry as a surfer, just cresting a giant wave. READ MORE
July 2007
Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been sending data through radio signals as long as many electrical contractors have been in business. For the past 35 years, these chips have stored data. Antennas have sent that information through radio signals to a receiver for purposes such as highway toll collection and asset tracking. READ MORE
July 2007
At wastewater treatment facilities, microturbines are turning the gases emitted by waste into electricity. Dairy farms are powering their own facilities with methane gas from cattle waste. Such microturbine uses get the most attention, but they have little to do with commonplace construction or the power supply at industrial, commercial or residential sites. READ MORE
June 2007
When it comes to historic renovations, a good electrical contractor brings voice/data/video (VDV) access to a facility as if it had always been there. It is not so easy in a building designed more than a century ago with no power at all. But Ostrow Electric Co. Inc., Worcester, Mass., did just that at the historic John Adams Courthouse in downtown Boston. READ MORE
May 2007
As alternative energy shoulders its way into the electrical industry, it increasingly plays by the same rules as the standard electric grid, making installation more straightforward. While photovoltaic (PV) panels, wind power, generators and other distributed systems are largely safe for both users and electricians, misuse is where trouble may occur. READ MORE
May 2007
The Chester Power Station, located outside Philadelphia, began the 20th century as an electricity generating plant that represented progress and ended it as a smoke-puffing eyesore and an image of economic decline. It stood empty and forgotten for years. READ MORE
May 2007
Memphis-based T.A.M. Electric Co. isn’t singing the blues about healthcare. The electrical contractor has successfully specialized in hospital work for three decades, seeing technology grow with the times. Premier hospital foundations, such as Baptist Memorial Health Care in Southaven, Miss., offer T.A.M. READ MORE
April 2007
Demographics work against the industry: READ MORE
April 2007
Tri-City Electric wires unusual research facility: The National Centers for Animal Health, a collection of three US Department of Agriculture agencies, is located on 480 acres north of Ames, Iowa; building 9, the newest, is a High Containment Large Animal Housing Facility. READ MORE