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Freelance Writer

Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

January 2009
Rex Ferry—Valley Electrical Consolidated Inc. president/CEO and former National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Vice President, District II—is the new NECA president, following exiting president Milner Irvin. Ferry brings nearly four decades of experience in the electrical industry and intends to use that experience to help foster education and growth. READ MORE
December 2008
Uninterruptible power has become a major concern for businesses storing critical data on racks of physical and virtual servers. Following Sept. 11, 2001, and multiple catastrophic storms in the United States this decade, a trend of securing data across all industries emerged for more than just banks and insurance companies. READ MORE
November 2008
The slowing economy may be challenging the construction industry, but technology vendors say they can help electrical contractors ride it out by making their work more efficient, allowing them to accomplish more estimates, spend less staff time looking for documents, and keep up with a world that is becoming more electronic. READ MORE
October 2008
Hotel chains have unique demands when it comes to telephone, data, video, security and building automation. Hotel owners need a facility with the latest amenities and access to information about their building’s mechanical equipment through building automation systems. READ MORE
October 2008
More than most industries, resorts—whether for skiing, golfing or horseback riding—are vulnerable to crime and other security lapses. With multiple access points, large sprawling spaces and thousands of visitors and staff members, resorts face unique security challenges. READ MORE
September 2008
Hurricane season 2008 is well under way, and some electrical contractors may be working with customers on storm preparedness. In the past, the standard practice was to take chances with big storms and power outages. READ MORE
August 2008
As security technology proliferates to meet the growing demand in public places, those in the security industry have a choice to make: Face the opportunity to keep up with the explosion of technology coming into the market, or fall out of the business entirely. READ MORE
July 2008
The emergency management system in Montgomery County, Md, has been a constant work in progress—one the county consistently evaluates and re-evaluates. The county has made a series of improvements since the completion of its command center, which combined police, fire, traffic management, 911 and dispatch. READ MORE
July 2008
Although more than 100 massive wind wind turbines now turn gently along the hills of upstate New York, erecting those towers required some unusual efforts from electricians. READ MORE