Claire Swedberg

Freelance Writer

Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

September 2008
Hurricane season 2008 is well under way, and some electrical contractors may be working with customers on storm preparedness. In the past, the standard practice was to take chances with big storms and power outages. READ MORE
August 2008
As security technology proliferates to meet the growing demand in public places, those in the security industry have a choice to make: Face the opportunity to keep up with the explosion of technology coming into the market, or fall out of the business entirely. READ MORE
July 2008
Although more than 100 massive wind wind turbines now turn gently along the hills of upstate New York, erecting those towers required some unusual efforts from electricians. READ MORE
July 2008
The emergency management system in Montgomery County, Md, has been a constant work in progress—one the county consistently evaluates and re-evaluates. The county has made a series of improvements since the completion of its command center, which combined police, fire, traffic management, 911 and dispatch. READ MORE
June 2008
Until May 2007, the town of Greensburg was a rural county seat in western Kansas with a dwindling economy. On May 4, a tornado bulldozed nearly every structure and took the lives of 11 people. The tornado, rated an EF5, had wind speeds of more than 200 mph and cut a damaging swath 1.7 miles wide. READ MORE
June 2008
Courtrooms are especially vulnerable to infrastructure loss. If the power goes out or communications cease, justice grinds to a halt. Add to that the pressure of increasingly complex systems and the difficult physical layouts of courthouses, and the challenges to courtroom managers are unlike any other. READ MORE
May 2008
Illicit drugs and alcohol are leading contributors to injuries and deaths on job sites, and the electrical construction industry is encouraging drug testing to head off this dangerous trend. The highest rates of drug use are found in the construction trades. READ MORE
May 2008
When the World Trade Center towers came down in 2001, New York was left with few options for radio transmitter sites. After eyeing proposed sites in Bayonne, N.J., and Governor’s Island, the city began looking at increasing the capacity of existing radio towers in Manhattan. READ MORE
April 2008
Two decades ago, a home automation installer usually could be described either as a hobbyist or an engineer with a penchant for designing complex systems for his or her own home. Few others could work with or expand these systems. For that reason, coupled with expense of the technology, the movement toward a fully automated home with integrated systems has been sporadic with long delays. READ MORE