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Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

June 2010
Contractor: J. Ranck Electric (JRE), Mount Pleasant, Mich. Project: 12 highway sensor stations and message signs Owner: Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Project partners: Hubbell, Roth, & Clark (HRC), design work; URS Corp. READ MORE
April 2010
With the implementation of Wi-Fi systems at healthcare facilities for Internet and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), there has been a corresponding growth in the use of real-time location systems (RTLS). While the wireless infrastructure can be used, other technologies with other infrastructures offer healthcare customers the ability to know the location of an object or person in a facility. READ MORE
January 2010
New York’s E-J Electric Installation Company is putting the final touches on a multiyear project at John F Kennedy Airport, which serves the New York City area. The contractor is wiring the newly constructed 635,000-square-foot JetBlue Airways terminal, which includes 26 gates. The terminal has begun servicing 360 flights in and out daily. READ MORE
January 2010
Who: Sun River Electric Service Inc., Kennewick, Wash. READ MORE
December 2009
Contractor: Master Electric Inc, Gladwin, Michigan Project: Installation of lighting fixtures at Maple Manor senior housing facility to upgrade lighting quality and reduce energy costs Project Partners: Master Electric was the prime contractor on this project; Standard Electric was the supplier. Contract Amount: $55,000 READ MORE
December 2009
Few hospitals have a perfect lighting system, but whether building from scratch or renovating and expanding an old building, one of the hospital owner’s priorities is energy savings. READ MORE
December 2009
For years, video analytics have been applied in airports using profiles of specific behavior. Today, as retailers upgrade their technology to protect assets and customer data, integration between security and marketing is creating a new demand for low-voltage systems. READ MORE
December 2009
Following growing demand for its services, international shipper United Parcel Service (UPS) is completing an expansion to its massive air package sorting hub in Louisville, Ky., called the UPS Worldport facility. Upon completion in 2010, the capacity will be increased by 37 percent, enabling the center to sort up to 416,000 packages every hour. READ MORE
November 2009
For the past decade, building owners have been attempting design/build projects to save money and time on construction. During that period, a select number of electrical contractors and others in the construction industry have focused on design/build. For them, it’s a mature market. READ MORE