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Claire Swedberg is a freelance writer based in western Washington. She can be reached at

Articles by Claire Swedberg

March 2017
Just as building intelligence systems draw information about a building’s environment to help manage the facility’s efficiency and comfort, a low-cost sensor system is piggybacking on that trend, and it offers new opportunities for contractors.
February 2017
The world’s longest and widest floating bridge spans a portion of Highway 520 in Washington state, one of the busiest corridors in the Puget Sound region. The bridge stretches 1.4 miles across Lake Washington and measures 116 feet wide at its midpoint. READ MORE
February 2017
As building intelligence becomes a mainstream demand in small to mid-sized buildings and companies, contractors must find ways to offer solutions without crippling startup investments. With today’s technology, that goal is becoming more achievable, and it is opening opportunities in a multibillion-dollar market.
February 2017
The fiber optic industry is going through growing pains. As nationwide connectivity projects such as Google Fiber have accelerated the deployment of connected cities, the realities of running cable throughout America’s communities is proving a challenge. READ MORE
November 2016
Second to electricians and project managers, the most important assets on any work site are equipment and tools. But until recently, tracking them—in the warehouse, in trucks and vans, and on the job site—was a paper-, pen- and phone-based operation. Inventory management software was still largely out of reach for those at the work site. READ MORE
October 2016
The Internet of Things (IoT) may alter the appearance of data centers. The IoT is a growing system of data that puts demand on existing data centers and pushes for new facilities that are centrally located and “on the edge,” a trendy phrase to describe the point at which sensors are installed. READ MORE
September 2016
As part of Boston’s waterfront renaissance, American shoe company Converse has opened its new headquarters in a facility that housed manufacturing and storage for most of its almost century-long life. The building may be state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency and aesthetic design, but it also harkens back to its industrial roots along the Charles River. READ MORE
September 2016
Estimators are the link between the contractor and the customer, the project and the contract, the company and its revenue. While only a percentage of estimates yield a project, contractors know each one needs to be treated as a sure thing. The only way to do that, of course, is create a professional estimate that is accurate and desirable for the customer.
August 2016
When All Electric Services Inc., 
Carbondale, Ill., won the electrical installation for a water park in its hometown, the company made safety the project’s focus. A site combining electricity, water and people naturally poses potential hazards, and 
All Electric Services was determined to 
eliminate any risk, both when the site opened and decades into the future.