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Chuck Ross is a freelance writer located in Brewster, Mass. He can be reached at

Articles by Chuck Ross

October 2011
Walk into your local supermarket in mid-August, and the electricity consumption surrounds you. The combination of overhead lighting, air conditioning, cooler refrigeration and all those freezer compartments make that round-the-corner temple to the food pyramid (or the new food plate) one of the biggest energy hogs in town. READ MORE
September 2011
Warwick Stirling hopes for a more meaningful relationship with his refrigerator. You see, they just haven’t been talking as much as he’d like. There was the time, recently, when he would have appreciated knowing just how warm this normally cold-hearted appliance was feeling inside. READ MORE
August 2011
The U.S. Congress continues to bat the phrases “cap and trade” and “carbon tax” across hearing-room floors, but with economic legislation deadlocked, any proposal even suggesting a new federal tax is pretty much dead in the water. READ MORE
August 2011
To highlight the variability of the New England climate, Mark Twain once wrote, “If you don’t like the weather here, just wait a few minutes,” and the phrase has since been applied to regions across the United States. READ MORE
July 2011
Any given year has its predictions. If you’re reading this article, the world as we knew/know it didn’t end on May 21—one of the most publicized predictions for 2011. In Chicago, Cubs fans may yet again be asserting that next year will be the year their team goes all the way. READ MORE
July 2011
“VPP” is the latest electricity-system-of-the-future phrase in the expanding smart-grid lexicon. Virtual power plants (VPP) are the latest concept promising to improve distribution-system reliability and, possibly, to limit the need for new peak-period generating capacity, enabled by improved communications and response technologies. READ MORE
June 2011
The term “microgrid” has been a part of broader smart grid conversations for several years, but definitions have varied. Campus-sized projects have brought these electrical-systems-in-miniature to universities and military installations, but some smart grid advocates argue developers are thinking just a bit too small. Think urban scale, they say. READ MORE
June 2011
Discussions about the cost of photovoltaic (PV) systems generally focus on the obvious: the price of the panels that turn sunlight into electricity. While panels certainly factor into the overall expense, this singular attention ignores the inverters, connectors and other balance-of-system equipment and installation requirements. READ MORE
May 2011
As the aftermath of Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami unfolded, many became mesmerized by photos and videos of desperate workers struggling against time to keep the disastrous situation at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant from becoming even worse. READ MORE