Chuck Ross

Freelance Writer

Chuck Ross is a freelance writer located in Brewster, Mass. He can be reached at

Articles by Chuck Ross

March 2011
Just a few years ago, home automation control systems were seen as toys for the tech-savvy rich. Push-button window treatments, camera-monitored security and lighting scene-setting capabilities all were seen as extravagances—and, in many cases, each was individually controlled. READ MORE
March 2011
To borrow a horse-racing metaphor, electric vehicles (EVs) have barely left the starting gate in their efforts to transform our transportation system, but forecasters predict a growing market for the charging equipment needed to keep them on the road. READ MORE
February 2011
Individual rooftop solar panels have become a more familiar sight over the past several years. But not everyone has the correct south-facing rooftop, and renters are out of the market entirely. Now, a new model of community-based solar ownership is beginning to bring solar’s energy-bill savings to a broader audience. READ MORE
February 2011
In some ways, it seems as though nuclear power plants are the Energizer Bunny of electric-generating technology—they just keep going. Constructed between 1969 and 1996, the nation’s 104 nuclear reactors were licensed initially for 40 years of operation. READ MORE
November 2010
Not so long ago, electric vehicles (EVs) were seen as just another environmental pipe dream, posing seemingly insurmountable cost and technology hurdles. That opinion is changing now, though, with Chevrolet and Nissan vehicles hitting showroom floors and quickly being driven out, assuming preorder interest holds up. READ MORE
October 2010
So, you’ve heard this before, but solar power today is really on the verge of going mainstream. How do we know that, this time, the odds are better than ever? By following the money. First, homeowners are buying and installing rooftop systems at an increasingly rapid clip, even as they cut back on other home improvements. READ MORE
September 2010
An electric car seems like such a simple, almost childlike, concept—you plug it in, charge it up, and it goes. But manufacturers and engineers leading the introduction of large numbers of hybrid and all-electric vehicles over the next several years are finding the effort to be surprisingly complex. READ MORE
August 2010
Sustainable design depends on a comprehensive understanding of a building’s siting and systems, so it seems reasonable to assume a more integrated design and construction process could play a role in project success. But with certification to the U.S. READ MORE
August 2010
The term “smart grid” is getting a lot of use these days, with related stimulus funding reaching into the billions of dollars and the popular press promising Jetsons-like advances; it has been predicted to enable our control of home appliances from our office desktops and allow us to supply electricity back to the grid and to use our plug-in electric vehicles. READ MORE