Chuck Ross

Freelance Writer

Chuck Ross is a freelance writer and editor who has covered building and energy technologies for a range of industry publications and websites for more than 25 years. He specializes in building and energy technologies, along with electric-utility business issues.

Articles by Chuck Ross

November 2016
You can’t manage what you can’t measure. This basic concept from any entry-level business class is becoming more common in energy codes and standards across the United States. California became the latest to address a building owner’s need for more electricity-use data with the 2013 updates to its state energy code. READ MORE
October 2016
The world’s six leading oil and gas companies, collectively known as the “supermajors,” face a conundrum. They are cash-rich, sitting on reserves of $5 billion–$20 billion each, but their revenues are stagnating as global oil prices remain well under $50 per barrel and show no signs of climbing anytime soon.
September 2016
Few building types pose the fire-protection challenges that museums present to fire-safety-system designers and installers. Certainly, the safety of building occupants remains the top responsibility. READ MORE
September 2016
As with conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, 
the consumer market for electric vehicles (EVs) gets the glamour, but fleets can be where real money is made. While the styling of the latest Tesla or the zero-to-60-miles-per-hour rating of the new BMW i3 make headlines, the economic drivers can be stronger for transit buses and garbage trucks. READ MORE
September 2016
The latest electricity sales data and forecasts from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) are just the latest indicator that energy efficiency works. Even as the economy ticked up (albeit, moderately) over the last year, electricity sales have declined, falling 2.3 percent in April 2016 over 2015. READ MORE
August 2016
We began coverage of our biennial Profile of the Electrical Contractor survey last month with a discussion of demographics and trends in the age of today’s electrical contractors (ECs) and their firms, along with the types of work our readers are doing. READ MORE
August 2016
Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels have an impressive lifespan. Manufacturers often estimate it at 25 years, though many units installed in the 1980s are still going strong today. At some point, though, even the hardiest of these panels will fail. READ MORE
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July 2016
It’s that time again when we call on expert pollsters to help us learn more about our readers and the work they are doing in the field. More than 2,400 of you responded to our questionnaire earlier this year, through snail mail or online, describing the work you did in 2015. READ MORE
July 2016
Aging coal plants are closing across the nation, along with a growing number of nuclear units, and utility planners are increasingly concerned about how best to replace this shuttered generation capacity. While improving energy efficiency has proven an effective and affordable alternative to building new power plants, this approach has its own cost in lower returns to investor-owned utilities. READ MORE