Chuck Ross

Freelance Writer

Chuck Ross is a freelance writer located in Brewster, Mass. He can be reached at

Articles by Chuck Ross

September 2009
One conundrum posed by the nation's move to improve the intelligence of the bulk electricity transmission system is how to protect all that new “smartness” from physical or electronic attack. READ MORE
September 2009
Sustainable design and the design/build approach seem to be a match made in an environmentally friendly heaven. READ MORE
July 2009
The current economic slowdown has brought all facets of the building industry to a virtual standstill, as falling consumer spending and home values force businesses and homeowners to curtail all but the most essential construction and repairs. READ MORE
July 2009
Energy is a big focus of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly known as the stimulus package. As a result, efforts to make our current electrical transmission and distribution system “smarter” will be getting a boost. Approximately $4 billion will be dedicated to smart-grid technology deployments and demonstration projects. READ MORE
May 2009
The presence of wooden electric utility poles is, by now, such a familiar part of the U.S. landscape that many of us barely notice them anymore. For electric utilities, however, those faithful powerline supports can pose numerous problems, so some companies are looking more seriously at a modern-day alternative. READ MORE
May 2009
The work electrical contractors do every day poses some obvious, inherent safety risks. After all, few jobs are riskier than those involving live electrical wires. However, electrical contractors also face a number of hidden hazards that, over time, could be every bit as deadly as arcing current. READ MORE
March 2009
Electric vehicles are closer than ever to becoming a large-scale reality. Chevrolet’s much-hyped Volt is still on schedule for a 2010 introduction, despite the manufacturer’s financial woes. Toyota may be releasing its own plug-in hybrid (PHEV) to fleet customers later this year. READ MORE
January 2009
Here's a scenario you may find familiar: Oil and gas prices rise as concerns about supplies worsen. Electricity rates begin a climb that seems unlikely to reverse itself. And consumer groups and government regulators both urge utilities to initiate programs that reward customers for using less, rather than more, electricity. READ MORE
November 2008
We've all been feeling the pain of inflation these days, with the cost of energy boosting everything from airfares to groceries. But if you think you’ve got it bad, take a moment to ponder the case of today’s electric utilities. Power plant building costs have more than doubled since 2000, according to recent research, and they show no signs of slowing. READ MORE