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Freelance Writer

Chuck Ross is a freelance writer located in Brewster, Mass. He can be reached at

Articles by Chuck Ross

June 2010
Buildings that can make their own energy have long been a goal for environmentally motivated architects and engineers, but the means for doing so have mostly been limited to bulky solar panels and wind turbines high enough to raise the ire of almost any community’s zoning board. READ MORE
April 2010
With new generation capacity becoming both more difficult to get approved and expensive to finance, electric utilities are looking at more creative strategies for squeezing inefficiency out of customer-side distribution systems. One idea gaining attention—direct current (DC) distribution—actually represents a step backward to practices common during the days of Thomas Edison. READ MORE
February 2010
Bringing power to the people could be more than just a 1960’s era goal for social change if promoters of localized electricity distribution systems—called “microgrids”—have their way. Seen as one approach for safely incorporating on-site renewable resources into the larger utility grid, microgrids are gaining new attention among both researchers and marketers. READ MORE
February 2010
Large commercial, industrial and institutional building owners have been tracking their energy use for years, knowing that even the smallest efficiency improvements can make a big bottom-line difference in facilities of their scale. READ MORE
November 2009
Information is becoming an increasingly important commodity for electric utilities. Greater knowledge of transmission and distribution line conditions and customer-use patterns will advance the grid. Being able to communicate that information to and from line workers in the field is becoming just as crucial, and a new generation of devices is coming online now to help meet that need. READ MORE
September 2009
Sustainable design and the design/build approach seem to be a match made in an environmentally friendly heaven. READ MORE
September 2009
The design/build approach to construction management has been hailed as a boon to both owners and contractors and a big improvement over standard design/bid/build arrangements. In their purest form, design/build contracts outline performance, time and budget specifications and then leave the means for reaching those goals up to the building team. READ MORE
September 2009
One conundrum posed by the nation's move to improve the intelligence of the bulk electricity transmission system is how to protect all that new “smartness” from physical or electronic attack. READ MORE
July 2009
The current economic slowdown has brought all facets of the building industry to a virtual standstill, as falling consumer spending and home values force businesses and homeowners to curtail all but the most essential construction and repairs. READ MORE