Charles R. Miller

Code Contributor

Charles R. Miller, owner of Lighthouse Educational Services, teaches classes and seminars on the electrical industry. He is the author of “Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code” and NFPA’s “Electrical Reference.” He can be reached at 615.333.3336, or

Articles by Charles R. Miller

May 2007
Article 220—Load Calculations; 220.44 Receptacle Load—Other Than Dwelling Units   READ MORE
April 2007
Article 220—Load Calculations: READ MORE
March 2007
Article 220—Load Calculations; 220.42 General Lighting: READ MORE
November 2006
Article 220—Load Calculations 220.14 Other Loads—All Occupancies Understanding how to perform load calculations is an important part of an electrician’s professional career. While knowing how to work load calculations could be the difference between pass and fail on a journeyman or master electrician’s exam, it is also valuable knowledge in everyday life. READ MORE