Charles R. Miller

Code Contributor

Charles R. Miller, owner of Lighthouse Educational Services, teaches classes and seminars on the electrical industry. He is the author of “Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code” and NFPA’s “Electrical Reference.” He can be reached at 615.333.3336, or

Articles by Charles R. Miller

July 2008
The National Electrical Code (NEC) contains an introduction, nine chapters and eight annexes. Article 90 is the introduction to the NEC. This article contains specifications that are essential to all chapters and sections in the Code. READ MORE
April 2008
Article 220 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) contains requirements for calculating branch-circuit, feeder and service loads. Article 220 contains a lot of these requirements, but calculating branch-circuit, feeder and service loads in accordance with every one of those requirements is not absolutely necessary. However, some requirements in Article 220 are mandatory rules. READ MORE