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Brenda Silva, a Hollywood, Fla.-based freelance writer, can be reached via e-mail at

Articles by Brenda Silva

August 2003
While working on the electrical installations at The Pampered Chef world headquarters and processing facility in Addison, Ill., the design/build staff of Electrical Design Systems Corporation (EDS) felt anything but pampered. The design/build process for the project started with a rough outline of the project, and ultimately proceeded to a full set of 30-plus electrical drawings. READ MORE
June 2003
Due in great part to its low cost and high availability, wind energy has emerged as the fastest-growing energy source during the last decade, with global sales of wind turbines expected to reach more than $10 billion by 2008. READ MORE
March 2003
Industry trends suggest business-savvy electrical contractors may procure additional work by educating staff members about programming software for security systems, allowing their clients one-stop shopping for access-control systems installation. In recent years, security has become an integrated part of what contractors deliver, along with communications and power. READ MORE
January 2003
At a cost almost equal to its original construction, the Mackinac Bridge received an extensive upgrade to its existing electrical systems, with the bridge’s massive size presenting only one of the challenges to the project. READ MORE
July 2002
Electrical contractors have many tools to address and overcome the obstacle of light trespass that accompanies many construction projects. The trespass, or spillover, of commercial illumination into residential areas has spurred light manufacturers and landscape artists to find ways to redirect the harsh glare of this prevailing problem. READ MORE
March 2002
One of the biggest problems facing the electrical industry is existing power systems’ inability to meet the demands and requirements of the future. Today’s electrical systems are not only required to provide power to generators, but also to Internet servers, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and a host of other operating or backup power generators. READ MORE