Bob Mooty

Estimating Management Consultant, NECA

Bob Mooty is the estimating management consultant for NECA’s Management Education Institute. He began working for an electrical construction firm in 1973 as an apprentice electrician and eventually became president of the firm. You can contact him at

Articles by Bob Mooty

March 2012
Many estimators in today’s market attempt to bid any and all projects regardless of the type of work. The company’s need to secure work can cause some estimators to lose sight of one of the primary goals of an educated bid—understanding the true cost of a project as it relates to their company. READ MORE
February 2012
Competitive bidding in today’s electrical construction market is one of the most frustrating and challenging tasks the electrical estimator faces. Fewer projects to bid coupled with more competitors makes preparing a profitable bid price seem impossible at times. In fact, in many cases, the lowest bid on a project is from a contractor that made a costly error in the estimate. READ MORE