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January 2007
The Impact on Labor Productivity: READ MORE
August 2004
There is a constant battle in the construction industry for contractors to remain competitive and at the same time, increase their profit margins. From a contractor’s perspective, it can be argued that labor productivity is the single most influential dynamic factor in creating cost savings and increasing profits. Labor productivity can be impacted by many factors. READ MORE
September 2003
Often times a contracted project takes longer to complete and requires a larger budget than was originally planned. Many factors can be contributed to the increased duration and cost of a project. But who is responsible for such delays? Is it the electrical contractor, due to poor labor productivity? Or is it the owner, due to poor site management and policies? READ MORE
February 2002
Because each construction project is unique and completed with time and money limitations, change orders are inevitable. Faulty plans, a change in the owner’s preferences, or unforeseen circumstances can all force the implementation of those changes. If a change order is similar to the originally contracted work, the contractor is legally bound to perform it. READ MORE